Funny Face In Tears As He Apologies To Vanessa, Her Parents And Confirms She Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl With Emotional Video

Ghanaian stand-up comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face has finally apologised to his baby mama (Ama Vanessa), her father (Jah Wisdom), her mother and their children after he was involved in a serious feud with them.

Funny Face has on today, Friday, 27 November rendered an apology to his family, Ghanaians and his fan (Funny Fans) after he was caught up in a serious confusion with them.

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To know the genesis of Funny Face’s fight with his baby mama and her family, click here to watch all the videos and pictures.

The comic actor has shared an old video of when he was playing with his daughter, Ella and Bella on his Instagram page and in effect used that as an opportunity to apologise.

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He first noted that he would wholeheartedly climb mountain Afadajato if that will ensure his twin daughters will join him in his house.

Funny Face revealed he has forgiven his baby mama, Ama Vanessa however, he still put the blame on her for all what had happened between them.

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Funny Face again asked for forgiveness from his mother-in-law and stated that he is deeply regretted using harsh words on her not considering her age.

Finally, to the head of Vanessa’s family, Funny Face apologised to Jah Wisdom. According to Funny Face, he begged Jah Wisdom that although the two are not cool with each, he should help him build his family back.

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Lastly, Funny Face has confirmed that Vanessa has given birth to a baby girl although she had already told him it would be a baby boy. In two years, Vanessa has given birth to Funny Face’s three daughter.

Below are Funny Face’s full statement:

🔥✊ “ GYE NYAME “✊🔥 Dis day will come again girls .. We will laugh again .. I will hold you girls in my arms again .. FOR LIFE IS FOR LIFE ✊🔥 even if I have to sweep da whole KUMASI to have u girls back ..

Even if I have to go stand on mountain Afadajato to shout and apologise to Everybody .. I will gladly do it wholeheartedly 🔥✊ my #ELLAandBELLA life journey took ur father on a lonely mystery road .. where people go and never return .. or they come back and they don’t remember anybody again is a road of Anger , pain , revenge .. a road nobody will understand , except da people who have been der .. suicidal thoughts on dat road is very rampant .. but JEHOVAH, my #Funnyfans , my true friends …saved me with words of Encouragement..ur DAD went on dat road and returned peacefully .. the world is abt to see the greatness of ur father ..

I have forgiven ur mother as I pray she forgives me too .. VANNESSA am truly sorry .. let everybody put da blame on me .. am ever ready to carry da cross of my family .. dis girls can’t suffer and hustle . When through JEHOVAH’s help I can give dem everything dey need .. if not koraaa .. half of everything they need .. nobody knows how much time he or she has left in life .. and why make innocent children go through dis .. our mistakes dat we made .. shouldn’t affect dis kids … To everybody who pushed me on dat road da more .. dat made me insulted you ..

am sorry forgive me ✊🔥 to VANNESSA’s mother.. Gradma am sorry I used those words on you .. pls forgive me 🔥✊ ..

Grandpa JAH WISDOM .. Daddy am really sorry fr all da things I said to u .. Daddy from today me and you .. will be blazing Dazing 🔥✊😁☝️ JAHHHHHHHhH RASTA FARRR RIIIIIIIIIIIiII ✊🔥☝️🙏 let’s build dis family .. even tho .. we are angry at each other .. this beautiful kids don’t deserve dis.. for da sake of the kids .. put all da blame on me !! Love you all ✊🔥 for life is for life .. and oh Congrats VANNESSA on da birth of our New BAby girl ..

Eigh VANNESSA da vandamme killer 🤣🔥 u told me it’s a boy 🤪 good one , u got me der .. 😂 I love women .. so no wonder GOD is giving me women women women .. 3 girls in 2 years .. awww Vanessa way3bi… God bless u🔥

See screenshot below:

Watch the video below:

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