‘I Don’t Joke’ – Young Man Who Voted For All Presidential Candidates Shares Photo Of His Ballot Paper On Social Media

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Young man identified as @Asomaninng on Twitter has taken to the micro-blogging site to share photo of how he voted.

He boldly took to his Twitter page to share a picture and on the picture, he voted for all candidates and captioned his post “I don’t joke”.

voted all candidates

After he had shared the above picture, netizens blasted him on Twitter with many revealing he should not have done that deliberately.

For that matter, in a series of tweets, he defended his actions giving reasons why he decided to vote this way.

“I’m voting for all the candidates never think am joking with my words. None of these Government helped my ass out. I buy my own food so they can’t show me nothing!”

“The amount of money they spent on election posters can fix roads”

voted all candidates