Main Chick Slaps And Disgrace Her Boyfriend In A Restaurant With His Side Chick Enjoying (Watch Video)

A video of a young lady blasting and disgracing his boyfriend in a restaurant with his side chick enjoying themselves goes viral

The video monitored by shows the embarrassing moment a young lady walked into a restaurant to disgrace a young man in public.

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According to what we can hear in the video, it’s obvious the lady in the white dress is the serious girlfriend of the guy who was spending some time with another lady.

Per what she said, after having s3.x so many times with him he is still cheating on her adding that he is not “satisfied abi”

She then slapped and poured the drink on the guy out of anger for what he has done to her.

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The guy didn’t say much after the slap but rather he was protecting the other lady obviously because he does not want her to get hurt.

Below is the video

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