I Hate The Internet – Princess Shyngle Angrily Reacts To Claims That She Married Her Billionaire Husband For His Money

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Gambian actressPrincess Shyngle has got married to her longtime crush and childhood friend identified as Mr Baya Gale has revealed she married him because she is genuinely in love and not for his money since he’s a billionaire’s son.

Princess Shyngle who is well known for her voluptuous shape has got married to her longtime crush and childhood friend, Gibou Bala Gaye, a son of one of The Gambia’s billionaires from a post she shared on January 30th, click here to watch the video of their marriage ceremony.

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Mr Bala-Gaye is a Muslim man and Princess Shyngle has subsequently changed her name to Mr’s Amira Bala-Gaye. 

Princess Shyngle and Bala have been together since childhood as friends. Growing up, they maintained their closeness and have eventually legalised their union as husband and wife.

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Thedistin.com has already reported that Gibou Bala Gaye is a rich man and comes from a very wealthy family including more information about his fame in Gambia as a musician, click here to checkout five biography facts about her rich husband who’s currently the son of Governor of the Central Bank of The Gambia.

After details about Princess Shyngle’s husband popped up, many netizens criticised that she married him because of his riches and probably not because of love.

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The Gambian-Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle has reacted with sorrow to claims that she got married for money and not love.

According to her, she hates the internet and that she is genuinely in love and not for his money and pleaded with everyone to be happy for her.

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She wrote:

“Y’all should get one thing straight, I did not marry my husband for his money or his dad’s money 😡😡. I’m genuinely in love and I expect y’all to be happy for me 😊.. I hate the internet 😡😡” she wrote.