Ghanaian Mother Narrates How Her Dead Baby Resurrected Back To Life By Playing Sonnie Badu’s “Baba” Song | Video

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There is power in the name of the Lord as Sonnie Badu used his ‘Baba’ song to bring back to life a dead baby.

A mother of one baby known as Adom shared testimony of how God brought back to life her dead daughter after she listened to Sonnie Badu’s ‘Baba’ song.

She explained in a video that her daughter fell into hot water while she was outside. She stated that she noticed after 5 minutes.

Grace as she is known went on to state that her daughter’s face got swollen and damaged beyond reasonable doubt which forced her to rush her to the hospital.

Upon reaching there, Doctors tried their best but it all proved futile as the baby was later pronounced dead the same day.

Grace said she requested to see her dead daughter and when she was granted access, she played Sonnie Badu’s ‘Baba’ song for close to 30 minutes while her eye was closed.

She went on to explain that while in the process, her soul got carried to another world where she was crying and praying to God to bring back her daughter. Grace said there it started to rain and she noticed her daughter was shaking on her which brought her back to her right state of mind.

Upon seeing that her daughter is now back to the world of the living, she screamed out of shock and some Doctors and Nurses rushed to the ward to attend to her and the daughter.

She said one Nurse asked her what she did to bring back her daughter to life and she replied that the God of Sonnie Badu worked the magic for her.

Grace said it’s been 8 months and her daughter is still strong and healthy.

She showed off some scars on the skin of her daughter…. Indeed, God is great.

With Sonnie Badu’s highly spiritual songs, no one would doubt that God can do amazing things through it.

Watch the video below: