Angry Mother Sacks Her 18year old Son From Her House For Frustrating Her, Social Media React (Video)

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Social media users react to a viral video of a woman throwing the belongings of her son from her house

In the video sighted online by, the mother was seen throwing out the belongings of her son in his room as she turns the room upside down while she engaged in a heated argument with him.

Paying attention to what they were saying in the video, the young man asked her mother where she wants her to go, the mother can be heard saying he told her they are no longer a family.

He then asked her mother if that is what she does when she goes crazy,

Son: Is this what you do when you go crazy

Mother: Yes please get out of my house

While they kept arguing, he turned the camera on himself, asking for help

You see what I live with, someone take me out of here, please

However, a lot of people feel and think the young guy is disrespecting his mother based on how he is talking to her and using some words on her mother

Below are some screenshots

Below is the video