Angry Comedian DKB Blast Fan Who Asked For Help Yet Supports Another Celebrity

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Ghanaian Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB has blasted a fan who was asking him for financial support.

According to DKB, its impossible for someone to reap something he/she has not sow.

He continued that how can one person supports two celebrities of two different entertainment industry.

Its impossible for someone to like Sarkodie and the same time likes DKB

In sharing a screenshot, DKB rejected a fan’s request after the fan was known to be a die-hard fan of another celebrity.

He also continued that, a servant serving two masters can’t be trustworthy.

In a tweet, he said

You can’t support a celebrity openly and ask another celebrity for financial help. That nonsense will never pass by my door again! You harvest at where you sowed. Big up @fameyeworldwide for the idea! Biggest fan, eeeyi biggest frying pan