“Teephlow is jealous and envious of me” – Medikal (Watch Full Interview)

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AMG Beyond Kontrol rapper Medikal says that Takoradi based rapper Teephlow is envious and jealous of his achievement in the music industry over the years

Just in case, you don’t know what is going on between Medikal and Teephlow, a few days ago on Twitter Teephlow said Medikal is not doing real music and the monies he flaunts on social media are not from music. Click here to read more

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Speaking to Rev Erskine on Y 107.9 FM’s ‘Myd Morning Radio Show’ the “La Hustle” hitmaker said

I was disappointed when he came at me like that and said all that. Teephlow and I had a very healthy relationship and we had no issues prior to this so I didn’t understand his actions

He said

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He added that he thinksTeephlow is pained, jealous, and envious of his success since Criss Waddle introduced him to the music industry

I think Teeplow is pained, jealous, and envious of me and that is the only thing I can say

He added

Below is the video