We’re Highly Disappointed With The Decision Of The Court To Dismiss Application To Reopen Case – Dominic Ayine | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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The spokesperson and a member of the petitioners’ legal team, Dr. Dominic Ayine has stated categorically that, the decision of the supreme court to dismiss the petitioner’s application to reopen their case and subsequently subpoena Jean Mensa have not done the people of this country a great service.

The supreme court on today (16-02-2021) has once again dismissed an application of the petitioners to reopen their case in the ongoing 2020 election Petition, stating that they have not provided enough evidence to warrant their decision to reopen their case.

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According to him, they disagree with the court and they think that, the court by this decision has not done the people of this country a great service in a sense that Ghanaians are interested in knowing the truth, and our constitution is very clear that, Justice emanate from the people.

He further stated that, the Justices of the supreme court by their ruling today, have not given us a reason to believe that they want the people of this country to know the truth of what happened.

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He added by asking that; are we not worried as a country that the Electoral Commission cannot even explain to us why the figures keep changing?.