‘Equip Every Nigerian With An AK 47 And See If They Will Still Run’- Femi Fani Blast Defence Minister

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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Former Sen. Femi Fani has called out the Defense Minister for calling Nigerians cowards as they running away from bandits.

According to him, it’s unfair that the Minister is calling citizens cowards when he himself has personal protection against him.

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He has also requested that if the minister wants citizens to protect themselves, then he should also provide citizens with ammunitions’.

The Defence Minister says Nigerians are cowards, that they always run when attacked by terrorists & that they should defend & protect themselves. Does he know that it is HIS job to protect the people & he failed? Equip every Nigerian with an AK 47 & see if they will still run.

Source: thedistin