Shut Down LGBT Office Now – Catholic Bishops Tell Akufo-Addo

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In the midst of the hottest concern over the office of LGBT in Ghana, the Ghana Catholic Bishops calls on Nana Addo to shut down the office immediately.

During the yearly conference in Accra, the Ghana Catholics Bishops’has demanded that, the Akuffo Addo’s government to take the immediate steps to shutdown the Lesbians, Gays, Bisual Transgenders, Queer and Intersex office opened in Ghana.

In a statement released by the president of GCB, Most Reverend Philip K. Naameh, the Catholic Church will never recognise same sex marriages in the country.

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He continued that, its “complete disorder of the fundamental law of God in creating man and woman”.

“According to the Church’s understanding of human rights, the rights of homosexuals as persons do not include the right of a man to marry a man or of a woman to marry a woman.

“For the Church, this is morally wrong and goes against the purpose of marriage,” a section of the statement said.

He urged the Executive and legislature “never to be cowed down or to succumb to the pressure to legalize the rights of LGBTQI in Ghana, adding that the Bible considers homosexuality in the Old Testament as a ‘perversion and a pagan abomination'”.

“We, the Catholic Bishops of Ghana write to condemn all those who support the practice of homosexuality in Ghana. We also write to support the position of Lawyer Foh-Amoaning and the Coalition who for years has been championing the crusade against homosexuality,” .