“Do not bring God into the court” – EC Counsel Justin Amenuvor Tells Tsatsu Tsikata

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Counsel for the Electoral Commission, Justin Amenuvor tells counsel for the petitioner in the 2020 Election Petition, Tsatsu Tsikata not to quote the Bible in support of his application of review to be granted

He said that even though God is a God of conscience, counsel should not bring God into the court.

God is a God of conscience, you do not bring God into the court and say because of God the application should be granted

He said

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He said this after Tsikata’s submission while concluding his argument which was seeking for the court to review its position on a decision to disallow the petitioner to reopen his case urged the bench to be guided by their conscience and their judicial oath.

I would like to end my submission pointing to the fact that, my Lords, should decide with your conscience and the judicial oath you took.

For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind (He quoted)

He said

It was in response to this that EC counsel urged the petitioner not to quote the Bible in court as his application will not be granted just because of God.

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