‘You Act Like Twitter Followers Be Swimming Pool’-PappyKojo Blast To Netizen Who Asked Followers To Unfollow Him

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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Ghanaian Hip-pop artist PappyKojo in a recent post has blasted a netizen who asked PappyKojo’s followers to unfollow him rather than insulting him.

In a recall, PappyKojo declared his stand of been a member of the LGBT community in Ghana, advocating for their rights to be respected.

This has made some fans of the celebrity to go wild on him and has blasted him for making such a decision.

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One of the fans that thoughtinsulting alonewill not do him harm advised them to unfollowhim so he feels it more than justinsulting.

This in a response PappyKojo blasted the follower claiming his followers are not likewater that can be washed away.

In a tweet, he said

u act like Twitter followers be swimming pool