Tv3 Date Rush: Photos Of Raymond Chilling With Fine Ladies Pop Up After Getting Cecilia As His Date

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After having Cecilia as his date, Raymond of Tv3 date rush has been spotted in love-up photos with a range of ladies.

Raymond who is known on social media as Raymond Cupid was the ladies favorite as all the rushes of the ten ladies were on even with his first video.

At the end, Raymond had to choose between Ellen and Cecilia and he went for Cecilia after breaking Ruth’s heart.

Raymond Cupid is an actor, photo model and video vixen just as he mentioned in his profile.

However, the internet is buzzing as pictures of Raymond with other ladies have hit hard on social media.

This has sparked the controversy that Ray is a womanizer but believes otherwise.

Below are loved-up pictures of Raymond and his date, Cecilia:

Below are pictures of Raymond chilling with other ladies: