10-Month-Old Baby Found Dead Hours After ‘Sakawa Ring’ Mysteriously Got Removed By Mallam | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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A 10-month old baby has been found buried alive at Nyanyano in Kasoa just a few hours after the mysterious ‘sakawa ring‘ worn by one young man named Emmanuel Otabil was removed by a supposed powerful mallam.

If you can recall, Emmanuel Otabil from Iron City in Kasoa, who went viral after he wore the ring that seemed to be ‘eating’ up his finger disclosed that it had been removed, click here to watch the video.

He admitted that the owner of the ring had said that the blood of a newborn baby was required to remove the ring or he would lose his finger eventually.

However, according to Emmanuel, a powerful mallam came to his rescue and performed some rituals which eventually got the ring off his finger, but he did not mention which particular rituals were performed, click here to watch the video.

In a new development from the “Sakawa Ring” news, from a report sighted on Utv, after few hours since the the ring was removed from the young man’s finger, a baby has been found dead.

According to the report, it is indicated that the site where the baby was buried is just 30 minutes drive from Iron City where the ring-incident happened at.

It is also reported that the baby’s mouth was filled with a polythene bag and buried in a lot of sand.

The 10-month old was removed by the police after strange locals saw the heap of sand and started clearing it to see what was beneath it with curiosity.

Residents are drawing a link between the two events as news spread that the ring that was stuck on the gentleman’s finger would only be removed when a baby is sacrificed.

The police are currently looking for the owner of the baby or anyone who might be complaining of a missing child.