Date Rush: Raymond Fights Another Guy In Public Over Cilla As Video Drops

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for
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Raymond of Tv3 love reality show has been spotted fighting a guy in public over Date Rush‘s Cilla Royal.

The video of the moment has been circulating on most Instagram blog pages.

In the video as monitored by, Raymond was spotted having a hearty chat with Cilla in a lovely serene location somewhere in Accra.

While they were having their conversation, a guy from no where approached Cilla and started telling her how he admires her.

Raymond, who seemed to be jealous, asked the man to step back, but it quickly escalated into a heated confrontation, with the two men almost exchanging blows.

As to whether this video was done with the aim of them trending as many may perceive it, the reason remains unknown.

Watch the video below: