Vanessa Nicole: Funny Face’s Baby Mama Explains Why She Loves To Flaunt The Actor’s Children But Not Hers As She Replies Trolls

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The girlfriend of Funny Face, Ama Vanessa Nicole has replied trolls asking why she hides her first daughter but loves to show off the three daughters she has with the actor.

For sometime now, since Vanessa Nicole became very active on social media, pictures she shares on her Instagram page has her showing off Ella Boateng, Bella Boateng and Kimberly Boateng.

Well, since she caught the attention of the public during her brouhaha with Funny Face, it was revealed that she already had a daughter before meeting Funny Face.

This gingered netizens, followers of Vanessa, to ask why she keeps her first daughter private but loves to flaunts the three daughters she had with Funny Face.

According to Vanessa Nicole, she doesn’t cherish one of her daughters more over the others but her oldest daughter always does not want to take family pictures and she can not force her to.

Sharing her responds, she wrote:

Wondering about other people’s private affairs is a one-man gossip.

Your purpose is your business, and if you let this be your constant reminder, you will not be intimidated or distracted by the achievement of others. Your purpose needs just as much attention as you’re giving to the business of others; and if you don’t put your nose in your own business, how can you then experience this beautiful life transition called Growth?