Comfort, The Lady Who Was Directing Traffic In Viral Video Speaks As Kwaku Manu Gifts Her Money | Video

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Actor and YouTuber, Kwaku Manu has awarded the Sachet water seller for pausing with her work to direct traffic at Top High in Kumasi as traffic lights went off due to lights out.

Sachet water/ Pure water seller directing traffic on the Kumasi – Accra highway gets people talking as video of her has gone viral.

In a new video sighted by on online, a young lady who sells ‘pure water’ was seen beautifully directing the cars on the Kumasi – Accra highway after the lights went off.

She decided to direct the traffic after realizing the traffic lights are not working due to light out and also there was no MTTD officer around at that moment to do his job.

Although it is unlawful for her to do this, but it is better since what she is doing can help prevent some accidents which can be controlled.

Kwaku Manu has met and interacted with the sachet water seller. According to her, she is called Comfort.

When asked whether she has being through school or any form of training relating to the works of an MTTD officer, Madam Comfort answered saying she hasn’t.

According to the woman, she has come across several moments where personnel of Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MMTU) were directing traffics and she has learnt something small and at that particular moment, she had to stop selling to help reduce the traffic jam.

Kwaku Manu who could be seen over excited awarded the woman and others who were around him with money.

Madam Comfort revealed that she is ever ready to help when there is traffic jam at where she sells water.