Abena Korkor Cries Bitterly As She Loses Her Job With Tv3 And Fear Of Not Getting A Lover After She Shared A Nvde Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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“No guy would agree to date me because of the videos I post”, TV personality Abena Korkor says while weeping amid reports that she has been ‘sacked’ by Tv3.

Abena Korkor has flooded her Instagram page with videos of herself sobbing uncontrollably as she recounted the reason behind her tears.

According to her, the videos of herself she posts online almost in her birthday suit may end up causing her to remain single for life.

Abena noted that no guy would be happy seeing his girlfriend posting such private videos onto a public platform for all to see.

She however noted that she was not really worried about the issue since she was okay with herself and how she decided to live her life.

Abena Korkor also spoke about a decision by the management of the TV station she works with to put her show on hold.

According to her the move was as a result of a video she posted on social media which went viral and was shared by many people.

In the said video, Abena Korkor was seen wearing just lingerie and was dancing in what looked like a bedroom as she showed off her ‘goodies’ to the rest of the world.

She maintained that her action in the video may have informed the sponsors of her TV show to pull the plug because it may not augur well for their brand images.

Abena Korkor went on to add that even though she has now lost one source of income, she would surely bounce back and stand on her feet again.

She added that she had come to accept herself and had forgiven herself for all that had happened in the past.

Abena Korkor added that she might even end up not having a boyfriend due to the occasional videos of her dancing in just lingerie.

She was seen in the video singing the now-viral song Forever by Gyakie as tears strolled down her cheeks.