Crazy Man Ties Girlfriend To His Car Steering Wheel And Angrily Drives Around With Her Body Hanging Out (Photos)

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A young lady identified as Nadia shares horrifying moment the 35-year-old boyfriend of her 21-year-old sister tied her to his car steering wheel and angrily drives around with her body hanging out in America

Narrating the horrifying experience she wrote;

This morning at 6 am my sister’s bf came to the house beat her and kidnapped her. My neighbor called me and told me he witnessed it and that I needed to get up ASAP. By the time I was outside, they were gone and I called my sister to try to find her .. she wasn’t answering … so I called.

Our mom and let her know she had been kidnapped and I needed her to track Olivias phone … by then my sister was calling me and I had already driven out of my neighborhood… once I picked up all I heard was “NADIA PLEASE HELP ME” something told me to drive back to my house and

Check outside of there again by the time I pulled into my gate he had my sister’s hair tied around his steering wheel driving with her hanging out the car. I hopped out and started screaming for someone to help us and call the police. I grabbed a crowbar and starting busting the window

Out. Then he looked at me and told me he was going to hit me with the car and set my sister on fire. He tried to hit me but missed tearing the door off of my car then tried to pin my sister’s body between his car and the car that was parked in the lot

Then he tried to speed off with her hanging on the side of the car again but her wig finally ripped off and she fell out….. honestly, I would ask for help but I just give up. I’m tired. Mentally.

All I do is work and try to better myself. There’s no way I can pay for school, invest, buy a new car and pay my bills on my own. So just please pray for my mental health and my family guys …..

I’m 23 my sister is 21 this is a 35-year-old man terrorizing us. He dislocated my knee in December when he broke into my house and tried to chokeslam my sister while she was 9 months pregnant…. they keep letting him out of jail. They won’t follow up with us

This was premeditated. While on vacation over the weekend he told my sister and my mom he hopes they die and he’s going to spit on their dead bodies. I’m a rape victim and he called me a whore …. his mom condones this violence.

I was screaming for help this morning and thankfully a lady that lives in my complex heard me and called the police while watching the whole thing happen from her balcony. She and my neighbor Derek saved our lives this morning. Domestic violence hurts more than the couple…

So to everyone making jokes on the TL just know, there are people that deal with real abuse DAILY and it’s not funny and not a quick laugh because it can happen to you and your loved ones.

I’m sorry for all the typos but my hands are cut up and hurt. My sister is okay her eyes are swollen and blood vessels busted but she’s alive and we are thankful. My car is totaled but I’m also still Alive…. if a man threatens you ladies BELIEVE HIM. Share your location be safe

I made a go fund me for my sister, her 3-month-old, and me. She and the baby have to relocate ASAP and I have to get a new car ASAP so I can work and relocate myself…. my mom did get us a hotel in the next state over for the weekend

My sister’s face currently and also her car … he busted out her back windshield last Thursday so that she and the baby couldn’t go anywhere. MY NIECE JUST TURNED 3 MONTHS. He also did that in my neighborhood

Below are the photos