Giovanni Publicly Apologises To Fatima On Date Rush Finale For Poor Treatment

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Giovani Caleb, the host of Date Rush season four, has issued an unequivocal apology to female contestant Fatima after Ghanaians chastised him for ‘degrading’ her.

After 11 weeks of airing, TV3’s love reality show, Date Rush, is almost at its conclusion, with just one more episode to end the season four.

During one of the previous episodes on the show, Giovanni Caleb made a joke with Fatima which did not go well with her fans as it landed him in trouble.

One male contestant, Kingsley, after his entrance and performance which saw him present flowers to the ladies, Giovanni made the statement “Everyone Deserves a rose even Fatima”.

Many Ghanaians didn’t like his choice of words as many took it that Fatima wasn’t worthy to receive such attention or love coming from Kingsley.

There was an agenda on social media that Giovanni should apologise to Fatima as some advised that he should be mindful of some of his statements.

As the fourth season of Date Rush draws to a close, Giovanni delivered a heartfelt apology live on TV3 Network as he wrapped up this week’s episode.

Apparently, the several criticisms from viewers both in the auditorium and at home had reached both Giovanni and the TV3 Network. 

Giovanni thus took the opportunity of the attention the finale got to render the apology.

Fatima responded by saying that she took no offense whatsoever. She adds that She and Giovanni are actually good friends behind the scene and Giovanni knows that she is wild-at-heart, thus none of the things he said was offensive to her, She concluded by stating that she accepts his apology.

Fatima thus ended up closing up the show by giving off a performance of some of her songs.