“Is Over Between Us” – Date Rush’s Ruby Makes Bold Statement After Giving Herself “Fallaa” To Powder Guy

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Ruby of the season four of Tv3 love reality show, Date Rush, has officially confirmed break up with Powder Guy after revealing they had good time and accusing him of cheating.

The Date Rush program will reveal to you that indeed “Information and People w) wiase” as many of the couples who came on stage only came to make bizarre revelations.

One of the controversial interactions between the couples was the one between Ruby and Rudolf Dzato. They came up the stage happily dancing and even took things to the “naughty” level.

When Giovani asked Ruby how the relationship was going, she replied stating that although she likes him she is not entirely happy in the relationship.

She revealed that, unlike other ladies who bother their male partners with money, she has rather been a relatively good girl and didn’t bother Dzato with issues of money, she even goes further to state that she has been very “sweet” to him, and made him enjoy her goodies “Inside-out” as he really likes it to the extreme.

However, after all that, Ruby has revealed that her final decision is that she doesn’t want to continue with the relationship simply because she suspects him of cheating on her.

She explains that one day she tried visiting Dzato and have fun as they usually do, however, Dzato for some strange reason was not picking up her calls.

She adds that she set off in an Uber from East Legon, McCarty Hills and got stood up in the end. For that reason, Ruby states that she is unwilling to continue with the relationship.

Later after the show, Ruby took to her Twitter page to officially announce her split from Powder guy. She shared her picture and wrote:

Is over between us @thepowderguy#Daterush

Ruby was recently in the news after she shared sad story of how her relationship with boyfriend possibly, Powder Guy ended.

She took to her Twitter handle to share motivational message to her fellow ladies after facing heartbreak. According to Ruby s3x does not keep men, because if it does, she wouldn’t be this heartbroken.

Explaining further, Ruby said she has given her boyfriend all his favorite and romantic s3x styles in bed and he was still not satisfied but chose to leave her afterwards.

“herh !! After all the sex I romantically gave you…. and your favorite style…. Advice to my ladies sex doesn’t keep a man”, Ruby wrote on her Twitter page, click here to Read more.