Anele “Nelli” Tembe: Biography Facts About AKA’s Late Fiancée; Net Worth, Parents, Age, Drake Photos, Instagram, Death Etc.

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Let us all have a look at AKA’s spouse, Anele Nellie Tembe biography, net worth 2020, age and interesting facts about her life after her death.

Well every one knows the South African rapper who goes by the name AKA, and before now, we already know he dated a fellow singer and song writer, DJ Zinhle.

AKA also confirmed that she is the only lady he has ever dated since 2008 that is not a celebrity.

Though their relationship was cut short, but there had been speculations that the South African rapper is into someone else, it was not made public till he decided to break the ice.

Well as of the end of 2019, we were in wonders who AKA might have been dating, but in early 2020, we have a name, Nellie Tembe.

Nellie Tembe Profile

Well to be real honest, just little is known about Nellie, and instead of cooking up unknown and unverified updates, we’d rather serve you with the facts at hand with promise that we will come through with more once we learn more about her.

One of the few facts we have about Nellie Tembe is that she is the sister of the South African actress Nondumiso Tembe who is commonly known for her role in the movie titled True Blood.

Nellie Tembe was born in South African, a popular city named Durban, but from reports we doubt if she was raised or brought up in South Africa as our investigations points out that her family lived mostly in New York City USA.

Nellie Tembe’s Age

At least, we are sure and have verified that Nelli is 22 years of age (born in 1999), as of the time of publishing this page, but her birth month and birthday is yet to be ascertained.


The fact is little is known about Nelli Tembe, so the identity of her parents is not known.

But according to News24Nelli Tembe’s father is wealthy businessman called Moses Tembe. Nelli’s father is KZN-based businessman, Moses Tembe who is the Chairman of Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Ltd.

He is also on the board of 9 other companies with interests in tourism, retail as well as industrial operations.

Other facts also indicate he spent most of her life in New York City — where she grew.

We can also authoritatively state that she is the cousin of South African media personality Nondumiso Tembe who is an award-winning actress, singer, songwriter and dancer.

Okay another thing worth noting is that AKA was warmly accepted by the Tembe family. Just after he proposed to their daughter, he has been accepted. So much so that he spends time in the family house of Nelli Tembe.

A few days ago, AKA was captured in a work-out session with his future father in law, Moses Tembe.

AKA spent his first Easter with his in-laws. His late fiancé shared an early gym session he had with her father, who beat him in push-ups. Mr Thembe is 57 years old but managed to get the best out of the rapper, which Nelli used to mock her lover.

AKA and Moses Tembe
AKA and Moses Tembe work out session

Nellie Tembe’s Net Worth

Currently, there is no specified or estimated net worth to her name. So far, we have not discovered any property or income of the young female.

How ever, it is safe to assume that her net worth should be below 10,000 Rands (this is an assumption).

Relationship With AKA

Like stated in the beginning of this page, AKA publicized his relationship with Nellie just this year, prior to that, nothing was known about the young South African.

The duo was spotted spending their time in Cape Town where they lodged for their 2020 Valentine’s weekend. Nelli also stood by AKA’s side even when he was diagnosed of Covid-19.

Their love life started after there was a mutual call off of the relationship which existed between AKA and DJ Zinhle, and it is a fact that the both have a daughter named Kairo.

In the past, AKA had dated some prominent entertainers like the singer DJ Zinhle and TV personality Bonang Matheba.

Social Media

As we earlier stated, Nellie maintains a very low profile as she owns a private Instagram account which has less than 10,000 followers and not so active Facebook account with Twitter account with less than 10k followers too.

Nelli Tembe Education

Nelli is said to have attended the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine where she enrolled for an 18-month-long cookery course between 2018 and 2019. During this time she was also accepted to join the school’s work placement segment at The Test Kitchen in Cape Town.

She probably had some good cooking skills.

Nelli Tembe and Drake pictures

The young beautiful lady has been in the news multiple times with her pictures with Canadian singer Drake.

After news of her dating AKA popped up, people started launching investigations into her life and it got discovered that she was close to Drake.

At the back of this were rumours that they ever dated before.

However, neither Drake nor Nelli Tembe had confirmed they date in the past, and it is hard to determine if the photo of them together is real or photoshopped.

Following this were supposed photos of her and Drake.

Nelli Tembe and Drake pictures
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Nelli Tembe and Drake
Nelli Tembe and Drake


Tembe, who was engaged to South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, fell from the tenth floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town.

A security guard, who described the horrendous discovery of her body lying in the street said he heard a scream that was followed shortly by a loud thud at around 7.30am.

At first he thought it was a car crash and when he went to look, there was nothing.

“… then someone shouted that there was someone lying on the street. We went closer and saw a naked young woman, she was still breathing at the time,” the guard was quoted as saying.

Drum said the Tembe family together with AKA’s family on Monday paid tribute to Tembe via Zoom.

Family spokesperson and MC, Clive Manci said Nelli and her father Moses Tembe were close.

Police investigation

Moses was a well-known businessman in Durban.

According to IOL, he was the director of the International Conference Centre, co-chairperson of the KZN Growth Coalition, and the director of the Mazibuye Foundation.

Police said they were investigating the incident.

“Cape Town Central police are investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel this morning, at about 7.45am, on the corners of Loop and Bloem Street, in the Cape Town CBD, where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found deceased,” Western Cape SAPS spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk was quoted as saying.