‘I Was A Party Animal In My Late Teens’ – Akufo-Addo’s Daughter Valerie Obaze Opens Up About Her Past Life

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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A daughter of President Akufo-Addo, Mrs. Valerie Obaze, has opened up on some past lifestyles she used to enjoy.

She said she really loved fun as a young girl, and calling herself a party animal, Valeria indicated that she loved to drop it low in the nightclubs then.

According to her, between her late teens and early 20’s, she would jump at any party invitation or organise a lot of them by herself.

However, now, Valerie said she is an introvert and prefers texts to calls, and Netflix or “a good book over dropping it low in a nightclub.”

Away from that, the president’s daughter also reveals the many businesses she owns, including a Public Relations firm in London she co-owns with her best friend.

Valerie said she currently sits on 5 Boards, 2 of which she is a founder of and 3 of which she is a director/member.

To those who did not know, she has been working since 15 years old as an entrepreneur. She revealed that she has a lot of businesses either already running or still at the incubation stage.

Mrs. Valerie Obaze wrote:

Back in the hot seat!!

Who I Am:

* Lover of Christ

* Stan’s Missus (Mrs)

* The 3R’s Mama

* An entrepreneur – I’ve worked since I was 15 years old. You may know me for the skincare brand @randrluxury which I’ve been building for over a decade, but before that I co-owned a PR agency in London with my bestie @rimachouen called RVPR and I also have a bunch of other businesses I’ve either started or are in the incubation stage.

* I actively sit on 5 Boards, 2 of which I am a founder and 3 of which I’m a director/member.

* I’m an advocate for Africa. I think it’s the best Continent on this planet and will do everything within my capabilities as a private individual, to be part of it’s progress ?

* I was a party animal in my late teens and early 20’s and now I’m an introvert who prefers texts to calls and Netflix or a good book over dropping it low in a nightclub.

* I am intentional about choosing positivity and dodge negativity like the plague. Inner peace is a non negotiable for me, meaning I value my sanity and mental wellness above most things, so miss me with the he said, she said and also don’t take it personal if I don’t pick up my phone, I don’t use it for that ?

Which of these did you know about me and should I do an “ask me anything” in my stories one of these days? ?

? from @shopaob in the UK. I ordered on Monday and had it in Accra on Thursday ?? #service

She is married to a Nigerian, Stan Obaze, and they have children together. Recently, she was seen hanging out with Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, during her 40th birthday celebration held in Accra.

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She was along the Accra-Tema beach road talking about Ghana and her quest to market the country if the leaders would not do so.

While she was talking, two young men who were coming from a distance saw her and hurried up to meet her.

One of the young men drew closer and stretched his arm around Afia’s shoulder for a shot.

However, she would not allow that and shoved her body aside, leaving the guy to hug the air. She also said in the Akan language “fiorkor” which means “get away.”