Sika Gari: Nana Agradaa Allegedly Arrested Over Money Doubling Contents; Her TV Stations Shut Down

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Following the death of the 10-year-old who was murdered in cold blood by two teenagers at Ofaakor in Accra, state security has decided to act in order to avert any future occurrence.

Police probe of the two teenagers revealed that they were incited to do that after they saw it being broadcast on television.

This revelation by the police sparked a lot of public outcry with calls for the appropriate quarters to clamp down on these stations that boldly advertise the act of spiritualism, money doubling, and money rituals.

In view of this, state security has clamped down on two TV stations; Thunder TV and Ice 1 TV, which belongs to spiritualist Patricia Asiedu, popularly known as Nana Agradaa.

Nana Agradaa is a self-styled Accra-based fetish priestess who has been a reference point on numerous fraudulent activities in the name of spiritualism.

Equipments at both TV stations were seized for operating without the necessary authorization. The two media houses are the first amongst many on the state’s list of targeted raids to take place today.

According to a report filed by the Ghanareport, Nana Agradaa has swindled a lot of people under the pretext of doubling their money for them through her ‘Sika Gari’ ritual concept.

Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV had its authorisation revoked. The report stated that on March 24, 2020, the National Communications Authority (NCA) stated that it revoked Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV’s authorisation.

Ice 1 TV, on the other hand reportedly continued to operate even after a written directive was sent to them on June 17, 2020, to stop operations after their authorisation expired on February 26, 2020.

It was alleged that Nana Agradaa had some law enforcement agencies such as the police on her payroll, hence her unabated impunity on open advertorials in money doubling rituals.