Video: China’s Cocoa Farmers Using Machine To Peel Cocoa After Harvesting

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A viral video of China’s cocoa farmers using machines to harvest and peel their cocoa beans from the pod has dropped online.

China in less than a year has begun exportation of cocoa beans to Belgium after Nana Addo advocated to turn Ghana’s cocoa bean into finish goods.

Ghana is classified as the second cocoa-producing country in Africa yet farmers still operate using the outmoded way.

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Ghanaian cocoa farmers in the 21 century for over 150 years continues to use human labour in processing cocoa from harvesting to removal of beans to drying to bagging and exporting.

This process takes more days for the farmer to be able to harvest all his products and gets it ready for the market, making some of them ending up been spoilt as the labour force for the work is less.

However, China in less than a year of its export has mechanized their farm work and uses machines and technology in their work.

Ghana that used to be classified as number one cocoa producing company will soon run to china to learn how to mechanised their farming

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