Video: Netizen School Finance Minister On Why Increase In Taxes Doesn’t Develop A Country

post by: Kovey Mawuli for
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An economic student after listening to Finance Minister’s presentation has stated that an increase in taxes doesn’t develop a nation but rather puts pressure on the government.

According to him, an increase in taxes means that the government is going to make much money from the poor, which is going to make it difficult for the poor to create capital, accumulate wealth and even save.

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As the government takes more taxes from the people, there is going to be much pressure on the government as everyone will be expecting the government to do everything because they have paid their taxes.

He also continued that, countries like US and China doesn’t depend on individual takes to build the country but rather allow the citizens to have enough so they can be independent of the government and also create more private jobs for themselves.

In a video after Finance Minister’s presentation he said