”How Can You Fix Yourself If You Don’t Have Water To Bath”- Kwawkese

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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Ghanaian rapper Kwawkese has blasted all those who are against the current social media campaign calling on the government Fix The Country.

Fix the Country campaign has become an agenda that the youth uses to call on the government to come to their aid in terms of job creation, good roads, a strong health system, and others.

According to the youth, the country is going backward when the government keeps increasing taxes when the health system is poor, when the school system has jeopardized and when the power system keeps giving timetables for businesses and individuals.

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However, some people upon all these problems in the country counter the youth with their own agenda and asking them to fix their attitude.

How can citizen fix their attitude when they can get portable water flowing through their tap when their roads are in a very bad state which is breaking down vehicle’s wheels and others?

This has made Kwawkese call out all those countering the agenda to fix themselves and solve the problem of the country before asking them the youth to fix their attitude

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