Drake Heartbroken After His Girlfriend Referred To Him As A Classmate Who Died Of Covid-19

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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A social media influencer has cried out loud after the girlfriend referred to him as a classmate who died of Covid 19 just 24 hours after he sent her money.

According @Stephven1 also knownas Bantama Drake he sent his girlfriend an amount of Ghc200 just to surprise her.

Immediately, she changed her Dp on her status and used his picture just to show appreciation for what he (Bantama Drake) has done.

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The following day, he (Drake) decided to test the girlfriend to know if she changed the picture because of the money or it was to prove her love

He decided to use a different number and pretend to be an employer who wants to employ the girlfriend (Gifty)in his company.

After interrogating with her, he asked about the person on the dp only for the girlfriend Gifty to refer to him as an old classmate who died of Covid-19.

This has broken Drake’s heart to the point of seeking for advise from followers on Twitter