17 People Share Their College Major Vs Their Current Job, Proving Life Takes Some Wild Turns

TikTok user @blackkout___ asked his followers to share their college majors and what job they’re currently working.

Below are some responses:

1. “I was a double major. I majored in History and I majored in Kinesiology. I wanted to be a professor. Now I work at a Chipotle where I get in trouble for smacking bean bags and then I work at a Krispy Kreme where I get called ‘donut boy’ by adults.”

2. “I majored in Electrical Engineering and now I am an Electrical Engineer. Y’all really hate on STEM majors until we all have jobs!”

3. “I did my bachelor’s in general arts with a minor in Philosophy, I have my paralegal license from the Law Society of Ontario, and I did my master’s in Public Policy with a focus in Law. I currently tell people not to murder each other on the internet, and sell weasel-themed merchandise.”

4. “So I’m graduating next may with my bachelor’s in Childhood Education, but I make self defense keychains and this is going to be my full-time job when I graduate.”

5. “I studied Psychology in the hopes of helping crazy people. Now I sit in a forest playing music on a UFO, talking to people who don’t exist. And I realize I’m the crazy one.”

6. “I double majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a minor in psychology. And I’m now a middle school math teacher.”

7. “Well I dropped out of college, but while I was there I majored in Mechanical Engineering and had a double minor in physics and computer design and manufacturing. And now I get paid to be an idiot on the internet.”

8. “In college I majored in Anthropology, Archeology, and got a minor in history. I was a published archeologist by age 21 and I made Dean’s list every single semester. Now, two years later, my nickname is ‘dumb bitch’ at a restaurant and I get reprimanded constantly by the people around me for being stupid.”

9. “I was a Special Ed major in college. And now I’m a career planner in the Marine Corp, so I’m using my education to the FULLEST extent.”

10. “Believe it or not, I got a degree in Financial Management. My Asian parents told me to study about money to make a lot of money. Of course I listened to them, did everything right, but find out 10 years later I was so unhappy. So after 10 years in that blood sucking boring ash job, I quit that beesh and started a meal prep company.”

11. “I got my associates in General Studies, my bachelor’s in Behavioral Science, my master’s in Administration of Human Services, and now I’m a stripper.”

12. “I went to college to get a Computer Science degree to make video games. Now I educate people on autism and motivate them through public speaking.”

13. “I majored in Theater – acting. And I act like I give a fuck every single day of my goddamn life.”

14. “I got my associate’s in Early Childhood Education, [then] I was a dual major in English composition and Criminal Justice, and I started my masters program in Criminology. But now I sell potato chips.”

15. “In college I spent most of my time avoiding my studies learning to play the harmonica. Today I make my living playing the harmonica and the grandmother of the harmonica.”

16. “I majored in Psychology and now I go to therapy.”

17. “I originally went to my local community college and got my associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. Then I transferred to Temple University on full academic scholarship and got my Journalism degree. Ultimately, I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Statistics…And now I sell compromising videos and photos of myself online and tell people how to fuck.”

Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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