Heartbreaking Video Of Ejura Youth Injured And Some Killed By Military Officers During The Protest Pops Up

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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Here is a video confirming the killing of two Ejura youth and some injured by the Military officers while they were peacefully protesting without arms following the death of a FixTheCountry activist Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed

Earier Thedistin.com reported that, two youth of Ejura have died with four severely injured after some protesting youth of Ejura Sekyedumase clashed with the military officers on the street following the death of FixTheCountry activist Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed

The youth stormed the police station on 29th June 2021, Tuesday morning to inquire about the extent of the crime investigation, stressing that they want no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators to book.

Although the police told them they have arrested two people in connection to the crime, the agitated protestors said it was just a pretense.

The youth described the deceased as a crusader for the community who speaks truth to power and requests for developmental projects for the area.

Thus, they cannot understand why he was attacked and murdered in such a manner.

Pressing home their demand for justice, the youth hit the street and were met by the military and the police.

Four soldiers were seen moving in a horizontal line with a police water cannon charging on the protestors.

Initially, the military started shooting into the sky but at the some point when the protested charged, they started shooting into the crowd.

Two people were hit, and the crowd scattered, with some of the protestors running to seek shelter in nearby houses.

According to JoyNews’ Erastus Asare Donkor, the anger of the youth in the area is palpable even though they were dispersed initially.

He reported that they have regrouped and are charging on the security personnel from both sides of the road.

Meanwhile, here is a video confirming the dead of two young men with others severely injured.

Below is the video