Ejura Incidence: Netizens Reaction If Given Opportunity To Be President For 24 Hours (Sad)

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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Netizens has have reacted to the death of Fixed The Country activist who passed away as a result of command from an Officer.

Youth of the country have reacted to the killing of innocent people in the community after they joined forces to protest for good governance.

While some wish for a state of emergency, others are demanding for heads to roll as leaders of the military and police have failed the citizens.

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Their reactions was after some youthful Ghanaian lost their lives after the military officers fired a live firearms among them just to disperse them from gathering.

The gun shot led to the death of two people instantly while 5 were severely injured and has been hospitalised at Ejura District Hospital.

In sharing their views they said

Source: news.thedistin.com