20 Biography Facts About TikTok Star Khaby Lame: Net Worth, Age, Videos, Kids, Family, Girlfriend, Model, Memes, Cars, Photos Etc.

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Meet Khaby Lame, the 21-year-old Gaming Video Creator and memes TikToker who has become famous for calling out meaningless life hacks.

If you’ve probably spent about an hour on social media, you surely must have bumped into a video of a young black man only stretching his hands at the end of his skits without altering a word or two.

His actions in his videos have shot him to fame as he is the current second most followed TikToker on the App.

Thedistin.com has gathered some interesting facts about Khaby Lame that his followers might love to read about him.

1. Who is Khaby Lame on TikTok?

He became known for his short comedy skits where he sarcastically points out people who complicate simple tasks for no reason at all. As of June 2022, Lame is the second most-followed TikTok account.

Khaby’s hilarious facial expressions have made him an absolute hit on TikTok in recent months.

TikTok Star Khaby Lame

2. How old is Khaby Lame?

The meteoric rise to stardom TikToker Khaby Lame is 21 years old. He was born on 9 March 2000.

3. Where is Khaby Lame from, what is his nationality?

TikTok star Khaby Lame is Italian-Senegalese. According to BroBible, Khaby was born in Senegal, Africa. He then moved to Chivasso, Italy.

TikTok Star Khaby Lame

4. What is Khaby Lame’s real name?

Believe it or not, Khaby Lame’s real name is not Khaby Lame. His full name is actually Khabane Lame.

5. Who are Khaby Lame’s Parents?

Khaby seems to be a private person as he has on no condition posted any of his family members on his social media platforms.

However, Thedistin will keep you updated should he shares with his followers pictures or information about his parents.

6. Khaby Lame’s brothers and other family members?

He has flaunted his brothers in one of his Instagram posts. In the picture, Khaby was seen with his two other brothers as they posed for a selfie shot.

7. How tall is Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is 6 feet 1 inch tall. That’s 1.85 meters.

8. What is Khaby Lame’s zodiac sign?

Khaby Lame’s birthday falls on March 9, which makes him a Pisces. Pisces are typically generous, creative, and overly emotional. 

9. Occupation

Originally, Khaby Lame is a Gaming Video Creator. He lost his job during the pandemic as a factory worker however, it gained him two additional streams of income as he is now a model and a social media influencer.

10. TikTok Fame

Khaby Lame is on TikTok! It’s where he shot to fame. You’ve probably seen him pop up on your FYP more than a few times. Khaby has become hugely popular for dispelling seemingly “helpful” life hacks. He currently has 82.7 million followers on the platform with all his videos having a million and above views. 

11. What was Khaby Lame doing before TikTok?

Before TikTok, Khaby Lame worked as a factory worker. During the epidemic, he lost his work, and to pass the time, he recorded videos on TikTok, which fortunately catapulted him into the public eye.

12. How many TikTok followers does Khaby Lame have?

Khaby Lame has 125.1 million followers with 2.0 billion likes on TikTok as of Januaryy 2022. Khaby is the most-followed Italian person on TikTok and the second most-followed account overall.

He falls just behind Charli D’Amelio with 132.8 million followers. However, top giant accounts on the App like Bella Poarch and Addison Rae fall behind him as they have 86.1 million followers and 86.1 million followers respectively.

13. Who is Khaby Lame’s social media manager?

Riggio Alessandro is the man behind Khaby Lame’s creative ideas.

He is a social manager apparently managing about 182 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

14. Is Khaby Lame on Instagram?

Yes! Khaby Lame is on Instagram and as of 4 July 2021 he has 27.3 million followers.

15. What is Khaby Lame’s social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube?

Khaby is on almost all social media platforms. You can follow him in the links below:





16. Is Khaby Lame married or dating? – Answer is Khaby Lame has a girlfriend.

TikTok star Khaby Lame is currently dating an 18-year-old Italian white lady called Zaira Nucci.

Khaby once flaunted a loved-up picture of the two as they stepped out like a couple.

17. Is Khaby Lame having children?

Yes!. Khaby Lame has an already grown-up son.

18. What is the Net Worth of Khaby Lame? – Answer is he is worth $2m

Because Khaby Lame is fairly new to the TikTok game, details on his net worth aren’t really available right now. However, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, Khaby could be charging between $98,561 and $147,842 per TikTok post.

A source on TikTok has revealed Khaby is worth $2m

19. Is Khaby Lame having a car?

Khaby Lame has been pictured posing with a Mercedes G-Wagon. He captioned his post with “Don’t envy, applaud then do better” which somehow insinuates he owns the car but he later in the comment section of the post revealed the car isn’t his and that he doesn’t even have a license.

20. Khaby Lame’s Viral TikTok Videos

Enjoy some lovely moments from Khaby Lame below:

Enjoy Khaby Lame’s interviews below: