The Ultimate Guide: How To Join TV3 Date Rush (2023/2024) Audition – WhatsApp Contact, Age, Date, Requirements, And How To Apply

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Want to be a part of TV3’s love reality show, Date Rush, for the 8th, 9th, and subsequent seasons, but finding it difficult to apply? Here are easy steps to follow before you can be a contestant.

Date Rush is Ghana’s finest match-making reality unscripted show. This season carries a new element, the Fante Flavour, resulting from its first-ever audition in Takoradi.

On Tuesday, 27 October 2020, the audition for the Media General’s flagship love reality show ”Date Rush” started auditioning for seasons 4 and 5.

The reality show, ‘Date Rush’ although the new audition marks the eighth and ninth seasons, was arguably hyped in the 2020 season, especially on social media where it used to be everyone’s favorite show.

A report from 3news stated that organizers of the show received over 2000 entries during the audition of seasons 4 and 5 with the show having fifty-two episodes. Out of the 2000 entries, hundred participants were contestants on seasons 4 and 5 looking for love while having fun and creating good memories, the report added.

With the fun we saw from the previous seasons; the humor, the drama, the excitement from participants like Ali, Fatimah, and Ruth just to mention a few, the new edition of Date Rush is expected to thrill followers with great love stories and conversations.

How to apply for date rush Ghana?

Now let’s jump on to the purpose of this article on the steps to follow to be a part of the love reality show.

After a fruitful fourth to the eighth seasons, TV3 will soon prepare for Season 8 of its well-known love reality show, Date Rush.

To be a participant in the show, all you need is to be bold, single, and eloquent, and nothing more.

Check out what to know (Requirements) before you can apply every year in numbers 1-3 below;

1. What age is required to become a Date Rush contestant?

Right away, joining the date rush show is very easy. Once you are an African between the ages of 18-40, you can go for an audition to get selected for the show. There are no forms of discrimination, racism, or gender barriers.

2. WhatsApp ‘Group’ Contacts to send your details to;

Send your pictures and details to the WhatsApp line 0261197411 or 0542448297.

3. What Date is the auditioning of TV3 Date Rush season 8?

Auditions at the moment stand on the 27th and 28th of October each year to be auditioned for the show. However, to never miss any announcements or opportunities, follow TV3 Ghana on all social media platforms.

4. Marital Status of potential applicants:

Applicants must ensure they are not married and are not seeing anyone before they think of joining the love reality show.

APL, producers of Date Rush, are committed to bringing viewers the rawest dating pool, so candidates are thoroughly vetted and investigated to confirm their relationship status.

5. What does Date Rush mean?

Date Rush is a dating reality show meant to connect single ladies to single gentlemen in Ghana. The ladies are then given an opportunity to either keep their rush on for the gentlemen or keep it off. Keeping a rush on means the ladies are interested in the man.

6. Who are the producers of TV3 Date Rush?

Movie/Television Studio, Adesa Media is the producer of TV3 Date Rush. Aside from Date Rush, Adesa Media produces the majority of the entertainment shows on Media General’s TV3 including Showbiz360, TV3 Talented Kids, GMB, Music Music, The Day Show, Todays Woman, Odo Fever, Tuonnomyiso, and Anigyemmere.

7. Who will/is the presenter of Date Rush Season 6?

Season 6 and subsequent seasons of Date Rush will be hosted by radio and tv entertainment presenter, Giovanni Caleb alongside Anita Akua Akuffo and Akorfa.

8. Who Is the DJ for TV3 Date Rush show?

The unstoppable Media General’s disc jockey, DJ Faculty is the official DJ for all the episodes.

9. At what time does Date Rush start?

The show full of fun, drama, and excitement which is hosted by Giovanni Caleb, airs every Sunday at 8 PM. You cannot miss this season of the Date Rush Show until the curtains close at the end of June.

10. What channel is date rush showing live on?

The live program of Date Rush shows on TV3, Ghana’s 24-hour general entertainment television station. For DSTV users, tune in to channel 279 every Sunday at 8 pm.

11. Who are some Famous names so far from previous seasons of Date Rush?

Portia Freeman, Ignatius, Fatima, Ali, Stephanie, Rockson, Dzato, Grace, Bella, Boy Kofi Kodark, Desmond, Philip, Sammy, Process, Success, and many more.

Dzato, Grace, Ali, Fatima - Date Rush contestants