Moesha Budoung Attempts To Commit Suicide By Jumping Off An Uncompleted Storey Building, Video Drops

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Mechanics at Lotus Gardens save Ghanaian slay queen cum evangelist Moesha Boduong, after she attempted to jump off an uncompleted building.

Newly repented Moesha Buduong has shared some of her exchange of s3x for money experiences as she has advised young girls through preaching the Gospel in an uncompleted building.

The actress who recently gave her life to Jesus Christ publicly shared some of the dangers involved in young women like her who used to sleep with big men for money.

Her teachings came after she was saved from jumping off a storey building by good Samaritans at Lotus Gardens in Accra.

According to the guy behind the video which is spreading like wildfire, they (the mechanics) were working and they rushed to the rescue of Moesha Budoung after some women in their houses saw her attempting to jump off the uncompleted building.

After Moesha Budoung was saved by the mechanics, she shared some of her experiences in life as a slay queen – snatching people’s husbands, smoking weed, clubbing, just to mention few.

According to her, she has gotten to realize that, whenever they sleep with these so called big men for money and they decided to set up a business with that money, it never flourishes.

This according to her realization is because of the dirty money they give them, they spiritually take away their glory, wealth and shine.

She also encouraged young ladies to work hard and achieve what God has planned for them because the “peanut” they are getting from those rich men, 10x or even more has already been given to them spiritually by God.

Watch the video below: