Shatta Wale Alleged Cousin Drops Video Of Shatta Michy Twerking For A Man After Receiving Cash

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Shatta Wale so-called cousin Magluv has called out Shatta Michy for cheating on Shatta Wale after she received a huge sum of money from NAM1

According to her, she is been accused of the cause of the breakup between Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy when she (Magdalene Love) has no hand in their relaitonship.

Magluv further called out Shatta Michy for receiving cash from NAM 1 in order to fix her breast and stomach same time in a relationship with NAM.

In sharing her order on Facebook, she said

How am i the cause of your break up oh Michy you like using me to play self pity but what did you do for Nam1(Nana Appiah) to give you money to fix your breast and stomach while you were in a relationship with Bra Nii and don’t tell me he knew about it cause you and I know he knew nothing or should we talk about the trip to Nigeria with hajia4reall???(what happens in Nigeria stays in Nigeria) which one you want us to talk about ??‍♀️ the men or the women ?Load….the bible says suffer not for the witch to live so my dear you messed with the wrong person. We continue tomorrow