Accident Victims In Ghana Share Their Testimonies On How They Were Saved – You’ll Be Surprised

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12 ways accident victims in Ghana were saved from their terrible accidents shared in a Facebook Group discussion.

Ghanaian accident victims have dropped stories d in a Facebook Group discussion on how they were saved.

It started when Abena Ronaldo of Trotro Dairies posed the question “Ever been involved in an accident but God saved you ? Share your story” that generated massive responses.

After her question, many Ghanaians who are victim of road accident dropped their dumbfounding testimonies. has gathered some responses that will humble and make you a strong believer to your object of worships.

1. The Ablekuma junction accident victim in Ghana

“Hmmm my testimony today ooo. My mom and my two sisters were involved in a terrible accident at Ablekuma junction. Mom had both legs and neck broken my two sisters each leg broken. Mom is still hospitalized at Korle-Bu yesterday was exactly two months. But in all i thank God for their lives:.

Yaa Fosua Odianwoma

2. One of tipper truck accident victims in Ghana

“I was walking by the road side going to visit my best friend, the road was steep, but I heard a loud sound coming my back and I also heard two very old ladies shouting behind me “ewuraszi eii ewuraszi eii”.

“I looked only to see a tipper truck full of sand, and it had its tyres busted and the brakes also has failed and the driver couldn’t control the car and the car to was descending with full speed, it knocked one of the old ladies and her head busted open with all her brains scattered on the road”.

“I run in between two wooden stores even with that the car came crushing the stores that I was running in between I had some of the woods from the store scratching my body but I was OK, I was saved by God though the shouting of the dead old lady, I always feel tears in my eyes whenever I remember this issue”.

Paul Xavia Obeng Boama

3. One of backhoe loader accident victims in Ghana

“Just 3 months back in India. It was morning and I was rushing for some work driving on a single road in my Toyota Etios car with speed of 120 km/hr, I realized the speed was high so I slowed down at 100 km/hr”.

“I was overtaking tractor, instantly I saw backhoe loader was coming towards me, tried to control but I loosed it. Car left the road and just strike into a tree, airbags were opened”.

“I found myself safe, just my nose swollen immediately and blood was coming out of it, I just dialed contact number of nearest hospital where my friend is a doctor, meanwhile many people come to rescue and delivered me to hospital. Thanks to almighty God and Toyota”.

Sukhram Bishnoi

4. The accident victim who lost his mother in the process.

“I had one in the year 2014 it was terrible but was saved by GH doctors ?? and second one was on 2017 twice, first one was a little bit save but the second one only God knows how it ended. Since then I stop the work I was doingGod be with us all?Rip mom??

Emprhez Wan

5. Kasoa road accident victim who was saved in 2002

accident victims in Ghana

“Had an accident on the kasoa Winneba Road in 2002. My elderly brother who was driving died 2 weeks after the accident at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, I didn’t sustain in injuries. God has been good to me till now and I will always be Grateful”.

Sampson Asamoah

6. The Tipper Truck carrying corn victim in 2002

“Yes in the year 2002 I had one with a tipper truck full of corn the corn covered us about seven people. I heard my uncle screaming for help people came to our rescue”.

“But the rescue team were in hurry to bring me out which almost led them to tearing me apart because I was stuck in the corn but when they saw my head and hands out the rest was to use force to pull me out”.

“But we came out unhurt but I felt pains on the next Day onwards. Instantly when we went to the hospital I couldn’t point out any part that was paining me. Thanks God we are still alive”.

Bismark Adogbire

7. The Okada wedding guest accident victims in Ghana

“I was late for a colleague’s wedding, I decided to pick a motorbike to Ashaiman main station since the wedding was at Korle Bu and I stay in Zenu”.

“My dad warned me not to pick a motorbike, I think his instincts told him something. I promised not to but I met a friend who had a motorbike and decided to pick me to the station so I pick a car, we got to Lebanon and got knocked down by a car”.

“I rolled down the road and luckily the car coming stopped on time. I didn’t know what happened until I woke up in the hospital”.

Edith Akorfa Kokui Dorvi

8. One of Tema-Accra motorway accident victims in Ghana

“Just yesterday on the Tema-Accra motorway. I burst a front tire but thank God nothing happened to me”

Samuel McCarthy

9. One of accident victims in Ghana in whose VIP bus tyre burst

“I was traveling from Kumasi to tamale in 2017 and on the Buipe Bridge, the VIP bus tyre burst and unfortunately for me I was sitting by the window side”.

“But God being so good the driver was able to control the stir till he get off the bridge to the main road and attend to it….. Haaaa to God be the glory”

Ekow Botwey

10. The Accra Kumasi highway Kibi junction accident victim who survied

“This is my Testimony ( last year February) on the Accra Kumasi highway kibi junction to be precise. Hmmm all I want to say is thank you Jesus “

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Felix Lancelot Amoako Dadson

11. The one who nearly became a father but God saved him

“Yes condom bust at age 18 was the most terrible accident I had. But God saved me from teenage pregnancy and other STI”.

Nana Appiah-hene

12. Victim whose driver had no options after experiencing break failure and slammed the car into a fuel tanker.

“I was traveling from Tema to Keta in the Volta region in 2017, 8:35 to 9:00 the Trosky in which I was traveling in was so speeding and unfortunately the break couldn’t respond, the driver couldn’t have any alternative in stopping the car so there was fuel Tanker parked by the road side and he slammed it on”.

“I Went black out then came back confused to what’s happening to me, so I exited the window side which I was sitting with blood dripping from my head asking myself to wake up from my sleep I may be dreaming but all was reality”.

Oklepeme Raymond