“I Apologise, It Wasn’t My Intentions” – Salma Mumin Reacts To Rumors That She Leaked Moesha’s Secret Audio

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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“I didn’t leak the audio, I sent it to Moesha’s trusted friend called Sandra” – Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Salma Mumin has debunked rumors that she released Moesha’s audio with her P.A called Samuel Nelson.

Salma Mumin

Thedistin.com had early pressed on a trending audio of Moesha Boduong’s P.A and revealing secrets about her to actress Salma Mumin.

Immediately after the audio was released online, it followed allegations that Salma Mumin leaked it intentionally because she wasn’t in good terms with her.

This said audio had Samuel Nelson (Moesha’s P.A) detailing how she started behaving strangely to the extent of her trying to commit suicide to Salma Mumin.

In the leaked audio, Nelson revealed that Moesha had two lovers, a Nigerian senator and a Ghanaian pastor, and that she had promised each of them that they were the only ones she was dating.

Nelson added that one day, Moesha’s rich Nigerian boyfriend invited her over to his house but she refused and had to make up a tale about missing her trip to appease him.

According to Nelson, as Moesha was on a WhatsApp call with the man, she saw him practicing occult with blood all over his body, which terrified her and made her shout in shock.

The man warned Moesha not to tell anyone what she saw on him when she called him, or else something awful would happen to her, according to Nelson’s allegations.

Moesha refused to adhere to her occultic boyfriend’s warning as she started to tell anyone close to her what she saw and that commenced her turning a new leaf because she feared to die – click here to listen to the full audio.

In reaction, Salma Mumin has come out to clear the air that she isn’t the person behind why the audio has leaked online.

Salma said she was advised by Elikem The Tailor to record Samuel Nelson when he requested to talk to her just for evidence sake since they didn’t trust him immediately after she watched the video of Moesha when she tried to commit suicide.

Salma justified that Elikem advised her to record Nelson because she wasn’t cool with Moesha and that the guy (Nelson) had earlier sent her audio on WhatsApp talking about Moesha and some people she had done evil against them.

Salma went on to say that she questioned him (as if she was interested in Moesha’s secrets being disclosed) since the tape Nelson had sent her earlier had him talking about Moesha’s nasty intentions against her and that she wanted to hear from his lips rather than her being happen with what was going on with Moesha.

Salma said she only sent the audio to Moesha’s trusted friend called Sandra and aside her was Elikem who had the audio since 12 July.

Salma however, rendered an apology to Moesha for any damages the audio had caused her and wished her a speedy recovery.

Watch the video below: