Ghanaian Billionaire Akili Bobo: 16 Biography Facts, Net Worth, Family, Cars, 12-Bedroom Mansion, Age, Real Name, Photos

Ghanaian rich man in Columbus Ohio-U.S, Akili Bobo known in real life as Yaw Owusu Agyekum biography facts and profile in 2021.

Akili Bobo is one of the richest Ghanaians living in the United States and in Columbus-Ohio. He lives there with his family.

Collectively, they’re called the “Agyekum Family“, he has a beautiful wife and three charming daughters. Akili Bobo and wife Dela .O. Agyekum Akiliwaa have been married for couple of years now.

His source of worth and net worth, although not all is disclosed in this article, is mind boggling because he’s a Ghanaian, there’re few numbers of Ghanaians living to such expectations.

In today’s article, is presenting his life story; his struggles, educational backgrounds, sources of income and many more interesting facts that will inspire you.

See below 16 facts about Akili Bobo;

1. Real Name

Akili Bobo is known in real life as Yaw Owusu Agyekum.

Akili Bobo

2. Hometown

Akili Bobo was born and raised in Amakom, a suburb in the Ashanti Region-Kumasi, Ghana.

3. Family and siblings

Akili Bobo is the fifth in a family of 7 siblings. They lived mostly with their mother since their father was busy working from a distance.

4. Age

Akili Bobo is believed to be in his 50s

5. Educational Background and Degrees

The rich man attended his basics and junior high school at Royal International Preparatory School. He then furthered to pursue his secondary school education at Prempeh College where he traveled after completion. He owns a nursing and respiratory therapist degrees in the States.

6. Wife

Akili is married to a togolese woman called Mama Dollars but known in real life as Olivia Delali Agyekum.

7. Mama Dollars Occupation

Mama Dollars is a nurse.

8. Children

Akili Bobo and wife, Mama Dollars have being blessed with 3 children. They are all girls and go by the names, Thelma Agyekum, Brenda Agyekum and Nana Agyekum.

Thelma Agyemkum is fitness enthusiast, Nana Agyekum is a model (she is 22 years old and was born on December 16, 1999) and the last born, Brenda Agyekum is 20 years old and was born on November 22, 2001.

9. Why The Name Akili Bobo?

Mr. Yaw Owusu Agyekum has revealed in most of his interviews that his behave in his infancy was likened to an aggressive chick in their home and hence they named him after it.

10. Was Akili Bobo from a wealthy family?

No!. Akili Bobo came from a regular home because he was cared for till he finished secondary school and then migrated to the United States. His Togolese wife, Mama Dollars, however, hails from an affluent family.

11. Challenges in life

Akili Bobo and his wife had experienced poverty in the past. Life’s difficulties forced them to relocate from California to Columbus, Ohio, where they once slept on the floor. Among their daughters, the last born did not have a taste of what poverty is because, according to Akili, his first two daughters were born when they were experiencing difficulties.

12. Rumors

It was rumored that Akili Bobo and wife were dealing in Cocaine, money laundering and what we all know as Sakawa. According to Akili Bobo, they once flew to Ghana, which made headlines because many suspected FBI agents were looking for him for fraud. However, according to Akili Bobo and his wife, they have worked more hours than usual and saved what they can. Hard effort and prayers, according to Akili, helped them achieve their wealth.

13. Other sources of income

The Agyekum family is involved in home health, where they provide health services to people in their homes, as well as a real estate project that they have been working on since 2011. Mama Dollars claims that real estate is one of the money-making ventures she has never regretted investing in.

14. Mansion

Akili Bobo and his family reside in a 12-bedroom home in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. Their home has its own pathway, a large swimming pool with a remote control, and a large compound. They have all-white neighbors, and they are the only blacks in the neighborhood.

15. Cars

Akili Bobo and family own some of the most expensive cars in the world. They have Range Rover, G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz, just to mention few.

16. Net worth

At this time, neither Akili Bobo himself nor his entire family, “The Agyekum family,” have their estimated net worth in public., on the other hand, thinks he’s worth a lot more than you think.

Watch video of Akili Bobo’s 12 bedroom mansion, his cars and family below:

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