People Who Pray About The ‘Dumbest’ Stuff Like A ‘Missing AirPod’ Share Their Experience On How God Answered Their Prayers

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Have you ever thought that God is way serious and wants His creatures to come to Him in prayers with their difficult situations only?

I’m sure you’re not alone in such situations but there is one thing you should note, i.e the Insignificant stuff builds faith for the consequential stuff.

Mostly, these are the problems you cannot share with people because they might think you’re being stingy with your money or you should forget them. Some people would also tell you to be serious in life. has gathered some responses of Christians sharing the minor things they prayed to God about, lo and behold, their prayers were answered.

Checkout 15 responses from people who had their ‘dumbest’ prayers answered by God:

1. The one who prayed to God when her left Airpod and Key got missing

“I’m the type that will pray about the dumbest stuff because I really believe God cares. For example, I asked God last week if He could help me find my left AirPod because I didn’t want to buy another pair. Last night, I found my AirPod and nobody can tell me that wasn’t God”

“I’ve asked God to help me find keys, etc. I got lost in Dallas once after my phone died so I asked God to help me. I eventually found a T-Mobile that sold iPhone chargers. The way I look at it, trusting God with the insignificant stuff builds faith for the consequential stuff”.

People Who Pray About The Dumbest Stuff Like A 'Missing Airpod' Share Their Experience On How God Answered Their Prayers


2. One who asked God to bless the food he buys

“Whenever I’m in a drive-thru, immediately right after I place my order, I ask God to bless the food…then ask him to keep the workers inside from spitting in my food or doing something worse to it. It works!”

“It may seem unnecessary to some, but I like to cover my bases, and God can do just that. I also once asked him to help me find a song that I heard long ago yet didn’t know the name of. Years later, he answered my prayer: I accidentally found it on Youtube”

Travis Jackson

3. When God blesses you with a sand dollar minutes after you prayed for it

Me too, and taught my kiddos to do the same. We now have AMAZING stories of God answering what many would think are silly prayers.

Example: took the kids to a beach. Son, age 10, so wanted to find a sand dollar. Looked on and off all day for one. We decided to quietly pray to see if God wanted him to have one. 10 min later, a lady walks by and says, “Hey, would you like to have this sand dollar I found?”

Ali Stone

4. Asking God to make your baby sleep longer for you to enjoy your coffee

Listen I take Philippians 4:6 to heart. I pray about ANYTHING. That Dunkin’ Donuts makes my coffee correct, give me grace until my husband fixes my headlight, that the baby sleep longer so I can drink coffee by myself

Alecia Denise

5. The one who found his stolen car after he prayed to God

I asked God to help me find my car after it was stolen in the middle of the night . Found it in a hotel parking lot without a scratch within 6hrs of it being stolen by some drunk strangers.

im new here

6. The one God gave him a resident after he prayed for it

Countless times in my life, have i, at my wit’s end, raised my face up, with tears streaming and asked God,after I’ve tried everything humanly possible,to step in PLEASE and change my situation. He ALWAYS comes through each and Everytime.

Problem is, I always want to try everything humanly possible first. Example is just last week. God used @Valhalla_X0 to get me a house when all hope was lost. I asked God for a miracle and He used @Valhalla_X0 .

Obong Akanimo Eyibio

7. The one who found the smelly place in her house after she prayed to the Holy Spirit

God does this for me too so many times. One time I had bad smell in my house I cleaned looked every where but could not find where the smell was coming from. Then I asked Holy spirit to help me find the smell. A fly flew in the house and the holyspirit told me to

Look where it was going to I did so. It went straight to the tray of eggs and Ignored it because I had looked there too. Next day I tell the holy spirit to help me find the smell again. I remembered the fly and I was like ok let’s check again. There was one egg that had gone bad.

Asangire Suzan

8. The one who got saved from his son’s interruption when he was reading the Bible

Last week I was downstairs reading my Bible before everyone was awake. I heard feet coming downstairs. “God please just a few more minutes”. My son forgot something I guess. Turned around on the landing and went back up and I had 10 more minutes.

Troy Hinrichs

9. The one who got a ride for church service when all possibilities to book a Bolt or Uber were lost

“I do this alot, Holy spirit help me find this, what are you saying about that. Yesterday I needed to be in church and all the bolt ride I checked were far even uber. Then I just said Holy spirit help me I need a ride in my estate, checked again, boom I saw one”.


Sought out

10. The one who found his office key out of Grace from God

One day I lost my job keys.. bout 15 keys .. I left work frustrated.. got home.. bowed down,closed my eyes and yelled HALLELUJAH 7 times.. when I opened my eyes,my keys were in front of me .. that’s the kinda stuff ya can’t share with most Christians”

Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz

11. The one who found her mifi in her shoe rack after she prayed when it got misplaced

Awesome I missed placed my mifi last two months, I was like I’m gonna buy new one and pass thru the stress of registering the gadget again…I prayed, boi I found my mifi in my shoes rack

Cubana Brother

12. God made her found her favorite doll that went missing

“when i was really young, my sister and i lost one of our favorite dolls. so we prayed about it low and behold, we found it in our church parking lot. talk about faith like a child lol”

loona supremacist

13. The one God made her found her missing skirt in school

“In secondary school, one day I washed my skirt and when I went to get it on the line, I didn’t see it. I thought I was crazy; I kept going and coming back and the skirt wasn’t there. I prayed so hard because that was my only skirt. I went back minutes ago and I found it”.

Reels With Rihanot

14. God helped these parents find the hiding spot of a disturbing rat

Yesterday I asked God to help my parents find a rat that was hidden in our pantry. They found it, He answered (unfortunately it died, but there was no other solution)


15. God turned a repairer and repaired the spoiled laptop on James after he prayed over it.

“My laptop screen wouldn’t fire up, and I tried everything (by which I mean pressed lots of buttons and went into a mild panic) then closed it up, prayed, opened it and turned it on again. You’ll never guess what happened next”.

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