Obibini And Amerado Beef Breakdown: How It Started, Diss Songs, Punchlines, Bars, Lyrics And Everything To Know

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Two of Ghanaians top rappers have decided to take swipes at each other. The genesis of this whole beef is when Amerado allegedly jabbed Obibini in his freestyle verse on Tim Westwood show.

One thing you need to know is that dissing is part of rap, that is basically a way rappers feel they are superior to others and above all, it generates heat on social media. has gathered what triggered the two rappers, Amerado and Obibini to lyrically face each other with flaming diss tracks they have released.

How it started

Amerado interview

It started with Amerado’s freestyle on Tim Westwood TV when he threw a jab and mentioned the word “Wudini” which is actually a slogan that Obibini uses.

During his interview with MzGee on TV3 NewDay, Amerado was asked about the jab and he denied dissing Obibini. “Do you think I will be on a world platform and be throwing shots to someone I have been working harder than?” he quizzed.

Obibini’s reactions to Amerado’s interview

Obibini, who calls himself Wudini, had a message for Amerado regarded the infamous ‘wudini’ line in the Tim Westwood video. He said in the video, “They haven’t reached. They go fi rap all the rap for the world, but I’m the n***a with the Porsche. If you rap better than me, ride better stuff.”

Amerado’s response to Obibini’s reactions

But according to Amerado, he did not take a swipe at Obibini. And if ‘one wudini’ was mentioned, then it was just a name the rhymed with his bars. He said, “Speaking for myself, do you think I would be on a world platform and throw shots at someone I have been working extra harder than?”

“I didn’t mention Obibini’s name, but if he doesn’t like what I said, he should go to the studio and diss me. What has he achieved more than me? He shouldn’t get me pissed. What has Obibini done in this world?

“What has Obibini done in the world? He should just support a young guy trying to elevate Ghana. Why is he not talking about the fact that I was so selfless, and I mentioned almost everybody’s name trying to project our Ghanaian music to the world? Did I even go straight at somebody?” he continued.

Amerado has mentioned that he doesn’t have any ‘beef’ with anyone until it is called for. But he pointed out ‘beef’ is a necessity for every rapper’s career. Also, he is not a coward to not have mentioned Obibini’s name if he wanted to take a swipe at him.

Diss songs

Deceased – Obibini Diss song to Amerado – Click here to download Mp3

The rap line and interview triggered Obibini to hit the studio to drop a diss track for Amerado. He titles it “Deceased” and went hard on Amerado, telling him that he is a culture vulture forcing himself on the Kumerican wave to trend.

The Throne – Amerado Diss song to Obibini – Click here to download Mp3

Few hours after the track, Amerado hit the Zylofon signed act back with a diss track he titles “The Throne”. In the song, he addressed Obibini as NAM1’s puppet. He emphasized that the ‘Deceased’ rapper is in class 1 and still can’t progress after all the support.

The rap beef has caught attention on social media with netizens rating the bars from the rappers who both have double-edge sharp tongues and slaughtering each other with it.

Carcass – Obibini Diss song to Amerado – Click here to download Mp3

Whilst the beef is still trending on Twitter, Obibini has dropped “Carcass,” another diss track to Amerado. Listen to it below and tell us what you think. Who do you think is winning?

Punchlines, bars and some heavy lyrics in their diss songs:


“Me bc wo a wose panin toto 3kraa m3wc wo aain mey3 awingaa Get down and blow” – Obibini hit hard on Amerado as revealed that although he is grown, he will still teach him a lesson.

“your goat is a joke knife in in his throat eid ul adha, split his bladder allah go be pissed with his ghost” – here, Obibini attacked Amerado’s best rappers whom he looks up to for inspirations .

“Chale me de boy no ay3 bow, make you blow my job like a hoe, you suffer get hit so you think you be Obow” – Obibini tells Amerado that he suffered to make hit and that he should not be bragging.

“Nyame nhyira wo nti 3wc se wo y3 adwuma pii dckc ansa na car yi wanya bi” – Here, Obibini said Amerado is not blessed so he’s working plenty like a donkey.

“De3 wob3 biaa m’agye afa y3 no fine na b3gye penn” – Here, Obibini is telling Amerado that he is succesful in all his dealing and that he should come to him for some coins.

“You dey find am difficult to decode for two minutes that be why your fall no be heavy” – Here, Obibini tried to say that Amerado level of comprehension is low and that is why he is still underground.

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