Video Of How 4 Afghans Fell From Plane In The Sky After Trying To Escape From Taliban Group Causes Stirs Online

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Video of Afghanistan citizens falling from Air Force plane after been overloaded at the airport in Kabul during a take has caused stirs online

Chaotic scenes at Kabul’s international airport turned deadly Monday as thousands of people converged in hopes of getting on an evacuation flight after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

U.S. troops shot and killed two armed men at Kabul’s international airport, according to a U.S. official. The armed men, who numbered at least two, approached U.S. troops deployed to the airport to provide security and assist Americans and other individuals in a safe departure from Afghanistan.

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Few details were available about how things transpired between the U.S. troops and the armed men, who weren’t identified. Separately, witnesses reported seeing three prone, bloodied bodies lying on the ground just outside the terminal building.

The U.S. military took over the security of the airport to facilitate a massive airlift of foreign diplomats and citizens after the Afghan government collapsed on Sunday. Those evacuation flights are processed on a separate military side of the airport.

Thousands of desperate Afghans—many of whom used to work for American forces—flocked to the airport as the victorious Taliban combed Kabul for those who had collaborated with the West. Rumors circulated that flights were taking passengers even without passports and tickets.

The crowds outside Kabul’s international airport swelled on Monday morning, leaving the fences and security forces straining to contain the mass of people desperate to escape Afghanistan as the Taliban took control.

They rushed through the perimeter of the airport’s civilian section and swarmed the tarmac. Soldiers stood guard, many with weapons drawn.

As flights prepared to depart, people clung dangerously to the sides of military planes even as one taxied down the runway

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