Queenstar Anaafi (Emily Of Yolo Fame): Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Businesses, Dating Cyril Rumors, Photos (Profile)

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Queenstar Anaafi popularly known as Emily in Yolo Tv seriesbiography facts, rumors of dating Aaron Adatsi (Cyril), hometown, age, nationality, real boyfriend, businesses, net worth and many more.

Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)

Emily, born Queenstar Anaafi, is one of the leading characters on the YOLO TV Series. She is known to be a reserved person despite the fact that she is popular and famous now.

Queenstar’s role involves a young beautiful rich girl, well-raised by responsible and caring parents, turning her into a well-groomed adolescent.

Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame) and Cyril

In YOLO TV Series, if she’s out, she’s with either Cyril or at the Youth Corner, and her parents are very involved with her, so Emily in her own character is not a bad girl.’ Throughout the show, Emily is one of the few characters who set a good example and lead a good moral life, unlike Drogba and George

In the YOLO TV series (Seasons 1 and 2), Emily is pursued by Cyril and eventually falls for her first love, although in Season 3, their relationship turns to fall on hard rocks. In Season 2, Cyril takes a turn away from Emily and focuses on a beautiful student he tutors.

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Things go south, and Cyril ends up head-on with highly-classified rhetorical questions from Emily. Series relationship aside, Emily relates how being a part of the cast for YOLO has helped her get in touch with her inner personality.

In her own words: “I used to be a very shy, reserved person, but because of my involvement, my interaction with the people on set, I’ve been able to overcome this.”

Indeed, asked to play the role of the rich kid on the block comes with a lot of perks and requires getting up to speed to being what the writers and directors envision for the character.

Emily plays her role well, and for many, concentrating on the show gets a little bit harder than usual sometimes, as Emily’s beauty and smartness keep swaying them.

Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)

In the show, Emily represents, to some extent, the exact opposite of Drogba, as the cautious, careful and forward-thinking adolescent, who in many situations, weighs her options before taking a step, especially in issues relating to her relationship with Cyril and her love life.

Hardly does she talk about her family and other very important and private aspects of her life but Thedistin.com has some facts about her you would love to read about.

Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)

Checkout the biography facts about Emily and answers to some frequently asked question (FAQ) about the Yolo star below:

Who is Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)?

Queenstar Anaafi is one of the stars from a Ghanaian web series called YOLO. She played a role as Emily and was in a relationship with Cyril.

What is Emily of YOLO Fame real name?

Emily is known in real life as Queenstar Anaafi.

How old is Emily in Yolo series? (Age)

Emily is 28 years old.

Emily in Yolo series Nationality (Country of origin)

Emily was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa.

Where does Emily in Yolo series come from (hometown) and what is her tribe?

Emily is from Eastern region (Akropong).

Which secondary school did Queenstar Anaafi (Emily in Yolo series) attend?

Emily is a product of Aburi Girl Senior High School

Which university did Emily in Yolo series attend? (level of education)

Emily has graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

What course did Emily study at the university (Degree)

Emily studied and has a degree in Actuarial Science.

Queenstar Anaafi businesses and current job aside acting

Emily is an actress and aside acting she is into Finance. She owns her own transport business, she is an influencer, does commercials (tv adverts), and trying to set her own businesses.

Is Emily really dating Aron Adasti (Cyril)?

Emily and Cyril are in-love and they want to be together forever, But Queenstar and Aron Adasti as they are known in real life are just friends.

Is Emily in YOLO series married, who is she dating? (real boyfriend)

Emily has a handsome man she is dating whom she keeps private and off social media – her boyfriend is not Cyril Aaron Adatsi.

When Is Yolo series Season 6 and 7 Coming out?

Yolo Season 6 and 7 should be out by December because the casts are shooting in November

Who are the siblings of Emily in Yolo series?

Emily is the fourth born and has other siblings like Queenlee and Gilbert.

Emily social media accounts

Emily is on Instagram as @Kwinneyl. On Twitter @kwinneyl _7. On TikTok as @queenstaranaafi and Facebook @QueenstarAnaafi.

Emily in YOLO series personal contact (phone number)

You can reach Emily on 0201725840 for business purposes only.

How much is Emily earns, what is her net worth?

Unfortunately, information about Emily’s earnings and net worth is not known yet.
Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)

Answering frequently asked questions about herself, Cyril and Yolo, these are what she had to say..

Queenstar Anaafi (Emily of Yolo fame)

How did you become part of the Yolo series and was that your first movie?

“Yes, Yolo was my first movie, I became part of the Yolo when I auditioned for the role of Emily at Farmhouse production”.

How did you start acting?

“Actually I always wanted to act so way back in school I use to perform with the drama club, that is how I got to know that ok if I get the opportunity to act in a movie I would love to do it. I started with commercials, I use to do commercials and then I moved to movie acting ”

What is going on between you and Cyril?

“First of all, Emily and Cyril are in-love and they want to be together forever, But Queenstar and Aron Adasti are friends – Just friends “

When is Yolo season 6 coming out?

“We are working on the shooting, the season 6 and 7 will probably be out in December, 2021”.

Do you have a real boyfriend, are you dating?

“Yes I am dating. I’ll introduce him maybe on my wedding day”.

What Inspires you?

“The idea of what I could potentially archive for my self, my family and those that I love- does what keeps me moving ”

What is your personality like, life off-set?

“My personality is almost similar to that of Emily because I am also quite reserved, so it is not that different Off-Set”

Are you the only female child of your parents, and are you the last born ?

“No, I am not the only female child, and I am the forth born actual”

How do you see you self in the next five years?

“In the near future, I have a couple of projects I am working on so I am sure by 5 years time it would have taking off, I see myself a bit busy with work professionally”

Why are you jealous when Cyril is talking to the lady in Yolo?

“I am jealous because he is my boyfriend, Why must she be talking to him in the first place. And she is not respectful too everyday she will be trying to make moves on me, what’s that about?!”

Did you ever feel something special for Cyril in Yolo?

“He is just like a brother to me, There is nothing romantic between us”

What do you wish to become apart from acting?

“I am into finance and investment, so I wish to have my own portfolio as an Expert in Managing”

Are you really from a rich home?

“Emily is from a rich home but Queenstar is from an OK home”

How was the feeling when you were coming on the screen for the first time and how are you coping with the fame?

“I Was extremely nervous because there was a lot of people around and everyone is trying to see what you can do, but once we got through it it was OK. And as to how I am dealing with my fame, I don’t think I have fame. I am popular now. People Know me but I don’t think I am famous”

What has been your greatest challenge in the industry?

“My greatest challenge in the industry would be dealing with the popularity I got. I have a lot of people walking up to me, like I said I am a very reserved person, when I have people walk up to me I would like should I be nice or should I wait and see what they are trying to do, is a struggle but I am managing it”

How did you feel when you heard Cyril had given birth?

“When I heard Cyril had fathered a child, I was surprised but I congratulated him. I didn’t feel any emotions because he is not a child. I think he has his right and he is above 20 years.”