10 Cast Of Best Friends In The World: Senior Year, Their Real Names, Ages, Instagram Accounts & Photos (BFW)

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Best Friends In The World: Senior Year -Meet all the cast of the web series and know their roles, real names, Instagram handles, and pictures.

One of the undoubtedly best series on the web is “Best Friends In The World”. It is educative TV series birthed by three sisters from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

To anyone who might be unfamiliar with this series on YouTube, “Best Friends in the World” is an original teen-centered miniseries interesting web series about friendship, growing up, family and love.

It features what it feels like to be a student in a Nigerian secondary school student, the love, fights, crime, parties, and many others.

The series was written, produced, directed, and edited by Neptune 3 Studios, owned by the three sisters, Jesimiel, Jemima, and Jeiel.

Although the first season premiered in 2018, “Best Friends in the World” is a Nigerian high school series with some romance but without debauchery and philistinism, you can’t help but watch time and again and recommend it to your friends.

The cast of this web series in the previous seasons included Adam, Olive, Grace, Esther, Davido, musician, Lyta, and many more casts.

In the series, smart and independent girls like Olive and Esther remind us why education is not just necessary but mandatory for the girl child. The girl-child future is just as important as the boy-child and must be treated as such!

Also, with Adam and Olive serving as the young lovers and the main characters, you might not want to miss any episode of the series which is shown on the Neptune3 Studio on YouTube.

Neptune 3 studio’s “Best Friends in the World” web series has come to a successful end. The last episode of the Senior Year premiered on December 2022.

About Best Freinds In The World: Senior Year

10 Cast Of Best Friends In The World: Senior Year, Their Real Names, Instagram Accounts & Photos (BFW)

In BFW: Senior Years, fans of the web series will see the faces of some of their favorite cast but not all. Here are some confirmed details as spotted on Neptune3 Studios’ website:

1. Senior year will be written and directed by the same team that brought you the original: Triple J Plus (Jemima Damina, Jesimiel Damina, and Jeiel Damina).

2. Most of the major cast returned, and most of them reprised their roles in the new season.

3. Grace did not return. Grace was a beloved character from the first 3 terms in season one. However, Ella Nwaneto, the actress, will not be returning as Grace. For a detailed explanation, watch this: https://youtu.be/ljTO4LZk5kY (skip to 8:36)

4. The new season took place in the same school, setting, and city as the previous one. This means that production has largely remained in Uyo, Akwa Ibom. However, some scenes/episodes were shot in other Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja, etc. Look out for such announcements.

5. There were new characters. These new characters landed a role after successfully passing the audition stage and they include new students, teachers, friends, etc.

6. Episode of the Senior Year season was released on YouTube on March 4, 2022.


An inseparable trio discovers that their bond is indeed breakable as they juggle personal/career ambitions, family expectations, and matters of the heart in their final year of secondary school. Will their friendship survive their senior year?

Watch the trailer below:

If you cannot keep calm to watch this series till the end of the episodes already, I guess you’ve ever wondered who the cast in the BFW: Senior Year would be, right? TheDistin.com is here to provide you with all the needed details about the characters.

Cast of Best Friends In The World: Senior Year

The 10 names and faces of characters you will meet in this all-new BFW: Senior Year which premieres on Friday, March 4 are as follows;

#1. Jeiel Damina (Olive Lane)

  • Real Name: Jeiel Damina
  • Role: Olive Lane
  • Instagram Handle: @jeieldamina
  • Age: 20 years old

Jeiel Damina was born on the 4th of September, 2002 in Kaduna, Nigeria to Dr. Abel Damina and Rachel Damina. Her father is the senior Pastor of Power City International Church, Nigeria, with headquarters at 98 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Jeiel Damina is one of the Triple J Plus, a music group that was formed by 3 biological sisters namely, Jesimiel, Jemima, and Jeiel. Jeiel, who is the last of the three girls has been acting since she was 8 but came into the limelight after she started starring as Olive in the ‘Best Friends in The World‘ series.

Apart from acting, Jeiel is also a singer and has released a number of songs, some with Triple J Plus and others alone.

The actress is currently at University. The name of Jeiel Damina university is Full Sail University. In Winter Park, Florida, southeasternmost of the U.S. She is currently studying Creative Writing (BFA) at Full Sail University.

Jeiel Damina is the co-founder of Neptune3 Studio and the most followed cast of BFW on Instagram with over 400K followers.

#2. Emmanuel Esiet (Adam Andrews)

10 Cast Of Best Friends In The World: Senior Year, Their Real Names, Instagram Accounts & Photos (BFW)
  • Real Name: Emmanuel Esiet
  • Role: Adam Andrews
  • Instagram Handle: @emmanuelesiet
  • Age: 23 years old

Adam is a Nigerian-born actor and a cartoonist by profession. He rose to fame after starring in a popular YouTube series “Best Friends In The World“.

Adam was originally born Emmanuel Esiet by his biological parents. He hails from Opobo Rivers state but was brought up in Akwa Ibom.

Emmanuel Esiet is 23 years old and is the second most followed crew of the series with the most followers on Instagram.

Esiet’s on-screen girlfriend was Olive but in real life, he is currently single.

#3. Inemesit Essien Alfred (Esther)

  • Real Name: Inemesit Essien Alfred
  • Role: Esther
  • Instagram Handle: @inemesitessien_
  • Age: 23 years old

Inemesit Essien Alfred is a Nigerian actor. She is known as Esther from the popular YouTube series “Best Friends In The World”. Inemesit was born in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Inemesit Essien was born on the 5th of June 1999, she is the only child of her parents and she hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Inemesit is a graduate. She graduated from the Department of theatre arts at the University Of Uyo in 2021.

Aside from being an actor, Essien is a fashion model. She has over 80K followers on Instagram.

There are no records of BFITW Esther’s dating life. Currently, it is assumed she is single. On-screen, she dated Archie in the series.

#4. Isreal Henry (Romeo)

  • Real Name: Isreal Henry
  • Role: Romeo
  • Instagram Handle: @isrealhenryy
  • Age: 22 years old

Israel Henry is a Nigerian actor best known for playing Romeo in the Youtube web series “Best Friends In The World.”

Isreal Henry is 22 years old. Israel is currently schooling at the University of Calabar, per Stardombase.

Henry is an actor and singer. He is maaged by Emeka B Madu.

He is an ambassador for I Dey Find Money.

Israel has over 100K followers on Instagram.

#5. Gift Etim (Maria Marshall)

  • Real Name: Gift Victor Antai Etim
  • Role: Maria Marshall
  • Instagram Handle: @giftvictorantai
  • Age: 23 years old

Gift Okokon Etim is a Nigerian actress and model best known for playing Maria in the YouTube web series “Best Friends In The World.

The actress and fashionista was born on November 1, 1999.

#6. Wisdom Kingsley (David)

Wisdom Kingsley Esin is a fast-rising Nigerian actor from the Nigerian web series “Best Friends in the World” he is known as David.

In the popular series, we all witness David exhibit his other talent which is singing and playing the guitar.

#7. Amarachi Ihezuo (Iris Azuka)

  • Real Name: Amarachi Ihezuo
  • Role: Iris Azuka
  • Instagram Handle: @amahihezuo
  • Age: 24 years old

Amarachi Ihezuo is a model and actress from Nigeria. She played Ivy Azuka’s twin sister, “Iris Azuka.” She has appeared in a number of films.

#8. Emmanuel Nse (Archie)

Emmanuel Nse is a budding Nigerian actor best known for the role of Archie in the YouTube series ‘Best Friends In The World: Senior Year’.

Nse was born on 31st December.

Archie was dating Olive’s best friend, Esther. There is no information on Archie’s real-life girlfriend.

#9. Esther ‘Stonia’ Etim (Evelyn)

  • Real Name: Esther ‘Stonia’ Etim
  • Role: Evelyn
  • Instagram Handle: @officialstonia

Esther Stonia Etim is a Nigerian-born actress best known for her role as Evelyn in the Youtube web series “Best Friends In The World.

Did you know BFW was Esther’s first-ever movie to exhibit her acting prowess? She indeed nailed it.

Although she is known for acting, Esther is a model and has walked the stage of the Miss Nigeria USA pageant held in New York on May 28, 2016.

#10. Hosanna Abraham (Ivy)

  • Real Name: Hosanna Abraham
  • Role: Ivy
  • Instagram Handle: @petitegod
  • Age:

Hosanna Abraham is a Nigerian actress best known for her appearance in the YouTube web series ‘Best Friends In The World Senior Year”. She played the role of Ivy, who was Iris’ best friend.

Per her Instagram account, Ivy is a writer, songwriter, actress, and accountant.

#11. Christian Peterside (Robert)

  • Real Name: Christian Peterside
  • Role: Robert
  • Instagram Handle: @peterside
  • Age: 25

Christian Peterside is a Nigerian YouTuber, actor, and model best known for his role as Robert in the YouTube web series ‘Best Friends In The World’.

In the series, he was the boyfriend of Maria and Adams’ best friend.

#12. Chloe Janefrancess Ifeanyi (Gloria)

Below are the full names of all the actors in the Best Friends in The World Series first season episode “The New Girl” to Senior Year are;

• Jeiel Damina (Olive)
• Emmanuel Esiet (Adam)
• Inemesit Essien Alfred (Esther)
• Wisdom Esin (David)
• Ella Nwaneto (Grace)
• Miracle Charles Eboumbou (Mr. Ben)
• Taiwo Arimoro
• Promise Nicolas(John)
• Gift Etim (Maria)
• Joseph Ekpo (Julius)
• Israel Henry (Romeo)
• Kalu Ikeagwu (Adam’s father)
• Toyomfono Kpokang (Adam’s mother)
• Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim (Lyta)
• Omogbolahan Sodiq Ilabode (Picazo Rhap)
• Jennie Obbie (Student)
• Vera Cruz (Student)
• Christian Peterside
• Jemima (film director)
• Jesimiel (screenplay writer)

About Neptune Studio

The Origin of Neptune Studio

Like most things, the company was created from a desire to tell Nigerian stories and to add to the diverse meaning of what it means to be Nigerian. This desire was mutual among our founders; Jemima, Jesimiel, and Jeiel Damina, three sisters with passions in different expressive arts including film, creative writing, and music. They formed an idea to combine individual strengths and express themselves through film.

Founders of Neptune Studio

Not entirely new to the entertainment scene, the founders were first a band called Triple J Plus (www.triplejplus.com) whose music careers launched in 2010 but were then put on hold to complete their education. Jemima and Jesimiel studied Film (BSc.) and Computer Animation (BSc.) respectively for their undergraduate degrees at Full Sail University, Florida.

After completing their National Youth Service Corps, they studied Entertainment Business (MSc.) and Creative Writing (MFA) respectively for their postgraduate degrees also at Full Sail University. Jeiel is currently studying Creative Writing (BFA) at Full Sail University online.

Neptune Studio Journey

The first *unofficial* project was a short film called “Presentation”. It was the first time the collaborative efforts of the founders were tested with a screenplay by Jesimiel Damina and directed by Jemima Damina.

Entirely new to the process, Jemi and Jesi also handled the wardrobe, production design, and technical production of the film with the assistance of supportive friends outside the film field. The film was eventually released under Jemima Damina’s YouTube channel with a fair amount of interest from the public.

​The journey really kicked off with their next project; a short film called “The New Girl”. Producers Jemima and Jesimiel Damina wanted to make films and launch their careers, but having grown up in small-town, Uyo, the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), which was largely based in the big city of Lagos, seemed out of reach.

They decided to start where they were. They also decided on the best way to ensure that their stories reached their audience in the most honest and authentic way to post the film online; which is where YouTube came in. 

“The New Girl” has been widely viewed and commended. It has reached millions today and became the base for the next Neptune3 Studios project; ‘Best Friends in the World’.

This web series, after a year and a half, has concluded its first season with 24 episodes and an original soundtrack album. It has also built a global fanbase and inspired its creators to continue on their own path of wholesomeness and inspiration.