10 Cast Of SKY Girls KE “Paa Born To Fly”, Their Real Names, Ages, Instagram Accounts, Photos, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Etc

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Paa Born To Fly” – Meet all the actors of the web series by Kenya‘s version SKY Girls and know their roles, real names, ages, Instagram handles, and pictures.

Teen drama series Paa-Born to fly premiered last Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Sky Girls, a social program of teen girls, debuted the series, which stars an all-Kenyan ensemble.

The drama highlights the tale of three teenage girls living in Nairobi and coping with the everyday challenges of social pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, and self-identity crisis.

Coming from different backgrounds, these three girls are influenced by each other to make both positive and negative decisions.

The drama series written by Davina Leonard and directed by Enos Olik intends to delve into the lives of teens in order to motivate them to make healthy choices, resulting in behavioral transformation.

Olik says the name of the series was derived from the Swahili word paa, which means to fly. “By flying, we mean being inspired, getting successful, doing the things you love without following what other people think is cool,” he told Word Is.

Olik said the series does not target teenage audiences only since the highlighted subjects also affect older people. “It took about a month to film the six episodes. Everybody in the crew was dedicated. There was a lot of passion and happiness on set. We depicted our world. Like the school was locked, we went there and created our own set.”

Sky Girls Kenya began its journey in September 2020 with a mandate to connect, educate and inform teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years within the greater Nairobi. “We teach girls to make choices that are true to their values, beliefs. We also teach them refusal mechanisms,” Sky Girls Kenya lead Svetlana Polikarpova said.

Many times teenage girls are susceptible to negative influence by the community around them because they are still navigating their identity crisis” Svetlana added. 

About Sky Girls Kenya

SKY is a sisterhood of teen girls and we are all about staying true to who we are and what we believe in.

Lydia’s first day at St. Joseph’s wasn’t what she expected. Between being a new girl and trying her best to make new friends – kuna venye vitu ni tricky.

About PAA, born to FLY

10 Cast Of SKY Girls KE "Paa Born To Fly", Their Real Names, Ages, Instagram Accounts, Photos, Boyfriends, Girlfriends
Sky Girls crew

Paa Born To Fly is a brand new teen drama from SKY.

It’s not always easy staying true to yourself. That’s what the students at St. Josephs’s find out on the hot, new series, PAA, which follows a group of high school students waki-navigate life as a teenager.

From good grades and mean girls, to pushy parents and boy drama, we see Lydia, Talia and Neema make plans, make mistakes and make strides. Lakini things get hectic for each of them when it comes to making choices for themselves. Will they buckle under pressure ama will they do their thing?

The series is shown live on Citizen Tv and on the SKY Girls KE YouTube Channel every Sunday at 6 pm. Also, you can follow the cast and crew on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and TikTok @skygirlske to get all the updates about PAA!.

Cast of Paa Born To Fly

The 10 names and faces of characters in Sky Girl Kenya’s Paa Born To Fly drama series are as follows…

#1. Stephanie Thea Muchiri (Lydia)

10 Cast Of SKY Girls KE "Paa Born To Fly", Their Real Names, Ages, Instagram Accounts, Photos, Boyfriends, Girlfriends
Image: Lydia. Source: Instagram: @skygirlske
  • Real Name: Stephanie Thea Muchiri
  • Role: Lydia
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Instagram Handle: @cikumuchiri_

What’s Up With Lydia? Lydia in the web drama series is the new girl at St. Joseph’s school with big dreams. Lydia’s first day at St. Joseph’s wasn’t what she expected. Between being a new girl and trying her best to make new friends But along the way, vitu zinaget is complicated. Will she make genuine friends and keep her grades up? And will Brian’s crush on her become something more?

Who is Stephanie Muchiri? Known for her role in Paa Born To Fly as Lydia, she is a fashion and commercial model, a voice-over artist, an actress, entrepreneur, television host, and a stylist.

Lydia is a Christian whose favorite Bible Quotation happens to be 1 Peter 5:7. She is also a university student trying to secure her first degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Stephanies is taking the commercial modeling by storm with more than five advertising campaigns running simultaneously with her as the main model. She is slowly becoming a familiar face on screens and is mostly seen on most Kenya Tv adverts. She was featured on the cover of The Sunday Nation Magazine.

Follow her on Instagram @cikumuchiri_ to take a look at some of her breathtaking pictures.

#2. Serah Wanjiru (Neema)

Image: Neema. Source: Instagram: @skygirlske
  • Real Name: Serah Wanjiru
  • Role: Neema
  • Instagram Handle: @serahwanjiru

What’s up with Neema? Neema is an ambitious and hardworking teenager in Paa Born To Fly whose biggest hope and prayer are all about achieving her goals. Along the way is the series, a huge challenge comes her way and she is unsure what to do. 

Who is Serah Wanjiru? Serah Wanjiru is a poet and an actress. She has been a cast in may of Kenya’s drama series. Her recent series was Sincerely Daisy cast alongside other new and familiar faces like Ella Maina, Sam Psenjen, Mbeki Mwalimu, and a few others.

Serah has got mindblowing pictures displaying real beauty and a few of her poems on her Instagram account, @serahwanjiru.

#3. Tana Gachoka (Talia)

Image: Talia. Source: Instagram @skygirlske
  • Real Name: Tana Gachoka
  • Role: Talia
  • Instagram Handle: @tana.gachoka

What’s Up With Talia? Talia is a confident and cool St. Joseph’s student. In the series, she is from a rich home and arrives and leaves campus with her own car and a driver. She is St. Joseph’s “It girl” but underneath all the cool vibes, she is perfect. Will she learn to listen to herself or fall into the pressure? 

Who is Tana Gachoka? Tana Gachoka popularly known in Paa Born To Fly series by Sky Girls Ke is an actress.

Follow her on Instagram @tana.gachoka to take a look at her beautiful pictures without her school uniform.

#4. Brian Furaha (Brian)

Image: Brian. Source: Instagram: @skygirlske

What’s Up With Brian? Fun, smart and courteous, Brian gets to know Lydia and likes what he discovers. Will this crush blossom?

Who is Brian Furaha? Brian is an artist, actor, an athlete who runs 100 meters and 200 meters races, a photographer, a commercial model, and a radio host.

#5. Sanchez Ombasa (Marto)

What’s Up With Marto? In Paa Born To Fly, Marto is a go-getter. He tries too hard. He wants to get Talia’s attention and impress the crew by doing the most. But does he go too far?

Who is Sanchez Ombasa? Sanchez is a Kenya actor, writer, and voice-over artist. Marley is a proud Christian. Aside from his role and appearance in Paa Born To Fly, Sanchez was also a cast of Nairoberrry, a film directed by a renowned Kenyan director called Jennifer Gatero.

“Nairoberry” is a film about six university students who are on the run after stealing 37 million shillings. Friendship and loyalty are put to the test as human greed slowly begins to take over.

#6. Prince Njuguna (Jamiaca)

Image: Jamaica. Source: Instagram @skygirlske
  • Real Name: Prince Njuguna
  • Role: Jamaica
  • Instagram Handle: @leprince_._7

What’s Up With Jamaica? Jamaica is the class clown who gets swayed by Marto into trying too hard.

Who is Prince Njuguna? Prince is a millennial show host, an actor, and a jokester.

#7. Suzie Joanitah (Ciku)

Image: Ciku. Source: Instagram: @skygirlske
  • Real Name: Suzie Joanitah
  • Role: Ciku
  • Instagram Handle: @suziejoanitah

What’s Up With Ciku? According to Ciku, St. Joseph is “their” school. So she doesn’t make things easy for Lydia. Will she change her tune?

Who is Suzie Joanitah? Suzie is an actress. She calls herself a “Priceless princess” and a Christian.

#8. Mercy Malika (Kendi)

Image: Kedi. Source: Instagram: @skygirlske

What’s Up With Kendi? Kendi is all about social media and keeping the new girl, Lydia, in check.
Will she learn how to do her own thing?

Who is Mercy Malika? Mercy Malika is an actress who comes from Kenya. She loves animals and her favorite sport is soccer with her favorite club is Manchester United.

#9. Khan Mfalme

  • Real Name: Khan Mfalme
  • Role:
  • Birthday: January 14
  • Instagram Handle: @khnmflm

Who is Khan Mfalme? He is an actor from Kenya.

#10. Revolutionary Spitter

Who is Revolutionary Spitter? He is an artist, an award-winning poet, actor, writer, and enthusiast filmmaker from Kenya.

Watch video of the cast of Paa Born To Fly below;

Watch video of the Girl Squad of Paa Born To Fly below;

Watch video of the Boy squad of Paa Born To Fly below;

The SKY Pledge

I promise to be true to myself and what I believe in.

To be who I am, not who someone else thinks I should be.

I will stay loyal to the things I am all about – like my friends, music, and finding my own path.

And stay away from the things I know I am good without – like backstabbing and bad company.

Because knowing what’s my thing and what’s not my thing helps make me who I am.

I will make choices that are true to me.

I promise to find my SKY.

More About Sky Girls

KY Girls Kenya began its journey in September 2020 with a mission to connect, empower and build confidence amongst teenage girls between the ages of 13-18 years within greater Nairobi. SKY gives teenage girls a supportive community of peers to help them follow their passions and say no to the things they know they’re good without.

Unlike other programs, SKY is built on the ethos of ‘by girls for girls.’ Rehema Muniu, Spokesperson & Sky Parent highlights “There are so many pressures on girls today. It is important that as communities we take the time to understand the way these young girls live their lives; their hopes, fears, aspirations. Through doing so we can create programs that allow our Kenyan girls choice and control to feel empowered”.

The Sky program is designed and built around things young girls love to do and talk about; whether it’s through the thriving community of over 50,000 girls on social media or in-person engagement within schools and estates. 

‘SKY’ the magazine is a hugely successful communication medium co-created with young teen girls. To date, SKY has run six editions with 160,000 print copies circulated across the city. One of its most popular segments ‘what I wish my 15-year-old self knew’ highlights advice from well-known female personalities including Elodie Zone, Tracy Wanjiru and Ivy Mugo.

SKY S.I.S.T.A’ (Sky is Staying True Always) is a two-season show touching on teen interest topics. It is the only show specifically designed to address themes teen girls care about.  The show has enjoyed over 15million views.

Off the back of the positive reception, SKY has received in the past 18 months, the program is proud to introduce its latest initiative – a brand-new teen drama by Kenyans for Kenyan girls. ‘PAA – Born To Fly’. Written by Davina Leonard, produced by Enos Olik, and a soundtrack by Emma Cheruto. This miniseries follows the story of three teenage girls living in Nairobi and dealing with the everyday challenges of peer pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, and self-identity crisis. Coming from different backgrounds, these three girls are influenced by each other to make both positive and negative decisions. The drama aims to explore the lives of teenagers and in turn, encourage them to make positive choices thus leading to behavioral change.

Rehema Muniu, further adds “Evaluations of SKY programmes elsewhere in Africa show that 83% of girls believe SKY helped them think about their future and what they want and 78% of girls believe SKY made them feel more confident in resisting peer pressure. As a mother, I know that I cannot control all the information my daughter has access to. But I am reassured that there are programs that we can participate in to help our girls navigate this new world of uncertainty.”

In a post Covid19 world nearly 50% of Kenyan adolescents are experiencing symptoms related to depression, and 39% of teen girls are undergoing physical abuse according to the Presidential Policy & Strategy Unit Report 2021. 

Locally, the program is a thriving community that impacts more than 40,000 girls per quarter through estate activations. At the heart of it is research to understand what motivates young girls in their wider lives. By giving girls a platform to speak out SKY aims to help parents, teachers, and guardians nurture teenage girls who are healthy, happy, and can go on to become active women in the future. 

Mother and noted personality Caroline Mutoko highlights, “There’s a part of me that wishes this “SKY sistahood” of teen girls were there when I was growing up. A place that said I didn’t have to be like others…that it was okay to stay true to who I was and what I believed in. A friendly community to help teen girls build the resilience needed to be self-determined young women.”