Zion Felix’s Net Worth, Cars, Houses, Salary, Age, Birthday, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Babies, Wiki, Bio (2023 Profile)

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Profile of Ghanaian Celebrity blogger, Nana Yaw Adomako popularly called Zion Felix -girlfriend, YouTube earnings, baby mama dramas, girlfriend, cars, investments, businesses, house, and assets.

Zion felix net worth
Zionfelix at Kwarleyz residence.

ZionFelix is a blogger, influencer, social media marketer, and event promoter. He has garnered many fans and followers since he started blogging. As a result, many people wonder how he balances his many crowns.

Gaining audience loyalty and support in the entertainment and information industry takes a lot of time, authenticity, and integrity because people want credible news. ZionFelix is a popular name in the industry, majorly due to his ability to give plausible information, giving him a hedge over other bloggers in Ghana.

Why should you read about ZionFelix? The blogger, like other celebrities, has juicy information that most fans do not know.

Here are some interesting facts about the Ghanaian blogger and radio personality, that will blow your mind.

1. How old is Zion Felix? (Age)

He was born on the 7th of July, 1991, which means he is 31 years old.

2. Where does Zion Felix come from? (Nationality and Hometown)

The blogger is a Ghanaian. His hometown is Kumasi where he spent his childhood and even attended school there.

3. What Schools did Zion Felix attend? (SHS, University)

The blogger started his elementary education at Christian Preparatory and then went to St. Francis Preparatory School. Afterward, he went to Bishop Sarpong International School.

After discovering that his blog had risen beyond the horizon, he went back to school to start his university education. In 2012, he enrolled at the University of Ghana.

4. When did Zionfelix start his media career as a blogger?

He saw his path at a young age and started his career as a radio presenter when he was still a young boy. He presented a sports news segment on a kid’s entertainment show known as Kidz Corner.

He created his first blog after graduating high school.

5. Zionfelix blog and companies he has worked for

ZionFelix’s YouTube channel was not the first thing Felix explored after graduating high school. Instead, he started his blog. He joined an entertainment powerhouse, OmG Ghana, months after setting up his blog.

A year later, he created his entertainment and lifestyle website, which earned him an entertainment and lifestyle blogger title. After working on his first blog successfully for a year, he created another online platform.

Zion felix net worth

6. Zionfelix’s awards as a blogger

He has won several awards for his work. The Ghanaian blogger and radio personality has awards to show how hardworking he is. His accolades range from the one he won while still in school and those he won after. After completing his education, he won the Best Blogger of the Year in 2019 and the EMY Africa Awards. In 2022, he was crowned the overall best Ghanaian blogger by Avance Media.

7. Zionfelix YouTube channel

Zionfelix publishes premium content. Apart from ZionFelix’s interviews with journalists and the Celebrity Ride interviews, his YouTube channel is a place to be if you are looking for top-notch content. In addition, he hosts notable people on his YouTube channel.

For instance, the Celebrity Ride interviews are mainly for celebrities. His other interviews are with anyone he picks interest in or feels has something important to say, regardless of who they are. His determination and courage to share the truth with the public have made him a favorite for many. His channel has also become a platform for premium content.

8. Who is Zionfelix dating right now?

Zionfelix’s love life has always been a hot topic in the Ghanaian media. He was dating a make-up artist called Minalyn, however, they broke up. Currently, Zionfelix is engaged to one lady named Erica, with whom he allegedly shares a child.

Zion felix net worth

9. Rumors that Zionfelix impregnated another lady called Erica

His love life once caused a stir online. When a video making its rounds on social media suggested that the renowned blogger married another woman other than his girlfriend, some people congratulated him.

But, at the same time, others hurled insults at his makeup artist’s girlfriend. The video showed the blogger putting a ring on the finger of a lady recognized as Erica Amoah in what seems to be a traditional marriage rite.

However, in an interview with Pulse Ghana, he denied being married. He also revealed that he is expecting a baby from someone other than his girlfriend.

On the other hand, ZionFelix’s girlfriend known eventually spoke out after the news spread like wildfire that her lover married someone else. She acknowledged that most of the things that happened needed to be addressed, but she preferred to hold her peace and leave the judgment for God.

Some fans expected that the matter would be addressed on ZionFelix’s Instagram page since he has over one million followers. But, instead, he took to his Facebook page to comment, “I am not married and I have never been married.”

10. Zionfelix cars and houses.

Zion felix net worth
Zionfelix new car he bought to celebrate his 30th birthday.

The blogger has cars and houses from the revenue he generates from his blog. The Ghanaian blogger has shown that one can make a living from blogging. His blog is a fan favorite, and his followers can attest to it.

Although ZionFelix’s net worth is yet to be ascertained, his accomplishments have shown that he lives large. He reportedly used some of the proceeds he receives from his blog to build a four-bedroom apartment.

Within the house he built located at Kasoa, he has his studio where he interviews people in it.

Zionfelix on his 30th birthday acquired a Dodge Charger. Aside from that, he owns a Land Cruiser, Mercedes Benz, and Santa Fe (the first car he bought for Ghc100,000).

Zion felix net worth
Zionfelix cars parked inside his house located at Kasoa.

In Early 2023, Zionfelix gifted his parents a well-furnished house and a brand-new Ghana he bought and shipped from Germany.

11. How much does Zion Felix earn on YouTube? (lowest and highest revenue)

Zion Felix is arguably one of the most influential Ghanaian bloggers, putting the country on the map for Ghanaians living abroad to get a taste of their homeland.

This brings to the question of how much he earns from his job. In his interview he had with Ace broadcast Journalist, Linford Kwabena Asare aka Otwinoko, he for the very first time revealed his earnings.

In the video monitored by Thedistin.com, Zion Felix revealed his beginning as a blogger including his ups and downs.

According to Zion Felix, in his beginning, although he was not blogging with the aim of generating revenue, he first made a cash out of $100 – his very first money from blogging.

However, according to Zion Felix, this $100 was an accumulation of previous months’ revenue, which he withdrew when they reached the $100 threshold.

Speaking of his highest YouTube earnings, Zion Felix revealed he has hit over $10,000 in a month before – watch the video here.

12. Zionfelix businesses (things he invests in)?

Zionfelix has a big company called ZionFelix Enterprises. The brand deals in wholesaling and retailing bags of Cement, Building and construction tools, sachet, and bottled water just to mention a few.

Zionfelix is also into real estate and car dealings.

13. What is Zion Felix net worth?

Felix Adomako Mensah, Known professionally as Zionfelix is a Ghanaian, blogger, radio personality, publicist, social media marketer, and YouTuber with a current net worth of $500K to $1 million.

14. How does Zionfelix make his money?

Zion has various avenues or streams of income. First is his website, but primarily from YouTube. He is paid by companies he runs adverts for and also into real estate, trading, and construction.

Below are answers to some Zion Felix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When did Zion Felix start YouTube?

Zion Felix started YouTube on May 30, 2011 (2011-05-30).

How many subscribers does Zion Felix have?

Zion Felix has 573K subscribers.

How many video views does Zion Felix have?

Zion Felix has 111,366,616 video views.

How many uploads on YouTube does Zion Felix have?

Zion Felix has uploaded close to 2,000 videos on his YouTube channel.

How much does Zion Felix make in a year?

The money Zion Felix makes in a year is approximately $3.4K to $54.9K per Social Blade.

How much Zion Felix makes per month?

Zion Felix makes between $286 to $4.6K per month, according to Social Blade.

What are Zionfelix’s highest, most popular views on YouTube?

The popular video on Zion Felix YouTube channel is about Fella Makafui and it has over 1.2 million views.

What is the net worth of Zion Felix?

Ghanaian celebrity blogger, Zionfelix has a current net worth of between $500K – $1 million. He makes this fortune from his YouTube channel, partnerships, sponsors from brand deals, and his website.