10 Biography Facts About Feras Antoon (Pornhub Co-Owner): Net Worth, Age, Married Wife, Kids, House, Nationality, Wiki

Popular adult content platform, Pornhub’s boss Feras Antoon has been through a lot despite having made an impressive fortune.

Feras Antoon is a well-known figure in the world of adult entertainment, having co-founded and served as the CEO of the popular website, Pornhub, as well as its parent company, MindGeek.

He has gained notoriety for his innovative approach to the industry and his entrepreneurial spirit, which has helped him achieve great success in his businesses.

In this article, TheDistin will explore some interesting fun facts about Feras Antoon, shedding light on the man behind the empire and the strategies that have made him a household name in the world of online adult entertainment.

FERAS ANTOON Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Feras Antoon
Net Worth:$10 million (unconfirmed)
Profession:Former CEO of MindGeek
Birthday:June 29, 1975
Birthplace:Damascus, Syria
Wife:Nicole Manos
Education:Concordia University
Feras Antoon

1. Who is Feras Antoon?

The media mogul was formerly the chief executive officer at MindGeek, the owner of the controversial website Pornhub.

He went into the pornography industry as an adult, eventually being a co-owner and the CEO of MindGeek. Working with fellow Concordia University graduates in the early 2000s, Antoon started a pornography website for Mansef Productions. Later he ran MindGeek, which owns Pornhub.

The entrepreneur was educated in the United States and went on to business success at MindGeek. However, it wasn’t all increased revenue and corporate bonuses—Pornhub, owned by MindGeek, has faced severe scrutiny and numerous lawsuits.

In 2022, he resigned from the top executive position. In March of 2023, a documentary about the Pornhub controversy arrived on Netflix.

2. How old is Feras Antoon?

Feras Antoon, a pornographer, and the co-owner and CEO of MindGeek, the world’s largest pornography company, is currently 47 years old and was born on June 29, 1975.

3. Where is Feras Antoon from?

Feras was born in the beautiful city of Damascus, Syria but grew up in Quebec, Canada, as his entire family had soon decided to relocate for better opportunities. His brother Mark Antoon is a vice president of MindGeek. Who are Feras Antoon’s parents? The former CEO has kept his family out of the spotlight, hence, the names, and identities of his family are not known yet.

Feras Antoon

‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story’

4. Where did Feras Antoon attend school?

He obtained his core education from a local high school before pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Montreal’s renowned public research Concordia University in the late 1990s. That’s where he first came across fellow engineers Stephane Manos, Ouissam Youssef, Matt Keezer, and David Tassillo during a football tournament, only for them to develop a close bond.

Part of a trailer for the Netflix series “Money Shot.”

5. Why did Feras Antoon resign?

In June 2022 Antoon resigned from the top executive position as the CEO, but held onto shares, according to the company’s announcements at the time.

Although he is no longer the CEO, he was still part of the owners and made money from its operation until it was bought by another company.

In March of 2023, a documentary about the Pornhub controversy arrived on Netflix which again, put him in the mud.

Money Shot is a documentary about MoneyGeek, Pornhub, and the people behind them.

6. How did Feras Antoon’s career begin?

Feras Antoon may not be a familiar name to you, but if you’ve heard of the lawsuits against Pornhub, you’ve got a glimpse into his life’s work: the business of pornography. Antoon began his work with the porn industry by creating the site Brazzers around 2005 with Ouissam Youssef, Matt Keezer, and Stephane Manos. That site largely focused on attractive women who were somewhat older.

YouPorn was another pornography website founded by the group. Eventually, the sites were sold to a German businessman, Fabian Thylmann, for a reported $140 million. He changed the name from Manwin to MindGeek, but in 2012 he was charged with tax evasion and sold the company.

The sale to Antoon and Tassillo was for a reported 73 million euros. At one time MindGeek was deemed a “porn monopoly” due to its wide-reaching influence on the whole industry. When the two of them resigned, they reportedly kept their shares of MindGeek, meaning Antoon may still be easily a multi-millionaire (one site estimates his net worth at $4 million).

Pornhub’s logo is pictured at the Adult Entertainment Expo in 2018.

7. What happened to Pornhub?

The pornography site has faced plenty of opposition from conservative groups, and lawsuits filed have alleged that Pornhub and MindGeek violated child pornography laws and federal sex trafficking laws. This was due to alleged videos on the site portraying people under the age of 18 engaging in sexual acts or being victimized.

In December 2020, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof published a column condemning Pornhub. As The Guardian reported later that month, his column first pointed out the good that Pornhub had done (such as donating to racial equality organizations) but then continued with the scathing rebuke: “its site is infested with rape videos.”

Kristof’s column brought a crushing spotlight onto Pornhub and its performers, and soon credit card companies Visa and Mastercard banned the use of their cards on the website. Pornhub was pushed to delete thousands of videos from unverified users and attempt to clean up its content moderation practices.

8. Why did Feras Antoon think his mansion burned down?

In April of 2021, news broke that the mansion Antoon had built for his family, was worth approximately $16 million, according to Business Insider. He had purchased the land it sat on for $1.8 million (it was two lots of land adjacent to a nature preserve in Montreal).

Antoon’s mansion consisted of eight bedrooms and a huge number of baths, as well as a nine-car garage, a 6,000-square-foot ballroom, a movie theater, a fitness center, and a chef’s kitchen. But just days after listing it for sale for $16 million, two people were seen in surveillance footage trespassing just before the mansion burned to the ground.

The porn executive told Vanity Fair in a rare interview that he believed the fire was intentionally set by critics of Pornhub. As the backlash from the NYT piece continued, Antoon stated, “I can’t even count how many comments I saw from people saying to burn the company or my house down.”

Blocking of Pornhub prompted protests in Thailand in 2020.

9. Who is Feras Antoon’s married wife and does he have kids?

Antoon is a husband and a proud father. His wife’s name is Nicole Manos, a Canadian of Greek descent. The couple has two sons. Nicole is the daughter of George Manos and Louise Laberge Manos (1952–2017). Antoon lives in Montreal, Canada with his family. 

10. What is Feras Antoon’s net worth?

Despite the fact Feras stepped away from the workings of MindGeek in 2022, he remained its co-owner and thus it’s beneficiary until Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) acquired it in March 2023. Therefore, with this massive sale to the private equity firm as well as the truth it used to generate an annual revenue of at least $200-400 million in the last few years, the Montreal native is undeniably a rich man.

It has also been reported that the former CEO has a lot of property assets in his Canadian hometown, so as per Cinemaholic‘s estimates, Feras has a net worth of around $10 million at the moment.

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