Why Is It Called A Pink Moon? Astrology Facts That Make It Special Explained In Details

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Stargazers are in for a treat this week as the pink moon ascends in the night sky.

Wait, the moon actually turns pink? Since when? Is it a legitimate scientific phenomenon, or just an astrology phrase? Does a pink moon mean Sailor Moon is real? (Hey, let us anime fans dream!)

Let’s start with the basics. The pink moon is a phenomenon that only happens in April. Dedicated stargazers can actually observe the pink moon now, as of April 7, 2023.

The pink moon is also the first full moon of spring. Here’s everything else we know about what a pink moon means.

A pink moon
A pink moon

What does a pink moon mean?

According to a CNN report, the first full moon of spring (I.E, the pink moon) is also referred to as the Paschal moon. The Easter holiday always happens on the Sunday after the pink moon appears.

But no, the pink moon isn’t actually pink.

So is the pink moon called a pink moon just because of the moon’s color during the first spring full moon? Not exactly.

The pink moon is actually named for a hot pink wildflower known as the Phlox subulata. It’s a flower that blooms only during this time of year when the pink moon illuminates the sky. Other names for the pink moon include the flower moon and the moon of big leaves, all hearkening to the official start of spring.


Is the pink moon the same as the full moon in Libra?

The pink moon does in fact signal the start of the full moon in Libra (or if you want to be more technical, both the pink moon and full moon in Libra started on April 6, 2023), so what does that mean in astrological terms?

According to a Cosmopolitan report, the full moon in Libra signals to all astrological signs that it’s a chance to look outside the realm of the safe comfort zone in every aspect of one’s life.

The full moon in Libra has already faced the sun in Aries, resulting in a clash of a stubborn desire to cling to the past, instead of embracing the uncertainty of the future (which is what the full moon in Libra is supposed to symbolize).


Per a report from the New York Post, the contrast between the full moon in Libra and the sun in Aries ironically works synergistically to enhance, “Big Life Change.” energy for each and every sign.

The same report notes the zodiac signs that will feel the effects of the pink moon/full moon in Libra are of course, Libras, Capricorns, Aries (of course), and Cancers, who are all about their feelings.


Astrology expert Catherine Gerdes had one major piece of advice for everyone to experience the full benefits of the pink moon/full moon in Libra effect.

Per Bustle, Catherine recommended, “With so much collective focus on restoring energy and on good vibes, this pink moon is an opportune time to reconvene with the natural world, allow for the energetic reset, and watch the rest fall into place.”