Does IShowSpeed Have A Child? He Is Rumored To Have A Daughter: Details On His Baby Mama

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One of the most asked questions about American YouTuber and streamer IshowSpeed is whether he has a child or not. Let’s break this down.

Darren Watkins Jr, known as IShowSpeed to his online community comprising millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms, has found fame for his gaming livestreams and eccentric personality.

The American YouTuber and streamer simply called Speed is known for his variety livestreams in which he primarily plays video games such as Valorant, NBA 2K, and Fortnite. Speed began taking YouTube content and streaming seriously in 2020, around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Rumors have begun to spread online that Watkins has a daughter, but how true is this speculation, and who is his baby mama? Here’s everything we know.

Darren Watkins Jr, known as IShowSpeed, revealed that he has a child.
Darren Watkins Jr, known as IShowSpeed, revealed that he has a child.
Credit: Instagram

Does IShowSpeed have a child?

Darren often makes jokes about him being gay in his live videos. Later on, when he couldn’t stand it anymore, YouTube star IshowSpeed denied rumors that he is gay, revealing to the public that he has a daughter.

One source told Celebshaunt that the streamer had the child when he was only 16, which is around the time he started uploading his videos online.

Till now, the news on whether IshowSpeed is indeed a father in his teens has not been confirmed. Since he is known for his jokes, many of his fans and followers are waiting for him to share the name and image of his child – something he probably hasn’t thought of doing yet.

While his year of birth has never been revealed, Speed’s birthday is January 21 and he is believed to be 19 this year, however, he claims he is 18 years old today.

IShowSpeed has 16.6M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Some outlets report he is still in school and YouTube videos reflect his dislike for studies.

IshowSpeed and his rumored girlfriend Ermony Renne.
IshowSpeed and his rumored girlfriend Ermony Renne.

Who is IShowSpeed’s baby mama?

When the revelation came that he had a child, questions soon turned to the identity of IShowSpeed’s baby mama.

There is currently no word on who it is, with not even her age being revealed.

The online sensation has largely kept his love life private, but some of his previous partners are publicly known.

Source: Instagram

Who has IShowSpeed dated?

Fans of Speedy, from Cincinnati, Ohio are aware that he has previously dated TikTok star Ermony Renne, known as Dream.

This is despite an apparent online rivalry between the two.

He introduced her to his fans in one of his videos.

It is not known whether the couple are still together.

Fans believe it is possible he has also had a relationship with TikTok singer Ava Barbie, who is transgender.

However, these reports are unconfirmed.