Top 10 Best Courses To Study To Get Quick Jobs In Ghana In 2023

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You’re now going to the university or you have plans to do your master’s and want to know what courses will land you a job easily? Here’s a list of programs with high job opportunities in Ghana.

In Ghana, the pursuit of education has always been highly valued, with countless students striving to excel academically and secure a promising future. However, the education landscape in Ghana has become increasingly saturated, leading to intense competition among graduates in the job market. In this article, we explore the best courses to study in Ghana that can provide students with a competitive edge and facilitate easier access to job opportunities in a crowded employment landscape.

The traditional educational syllabus in Ghana has long focused on traditional academic disciplines, resulting in an influx of graduates in fields such as business, finance, and humanities. While these fields are undoubtedly important, the high number of graduates in these areas has created a challenging job market for many. Consequently, it has become crucial for Ghanaian students to identify courses and programs that align with emerging industries, technological advancements, and market demands.

By pursuing courses and programs that are in high demand, students can enhance their employability and increase their chances of securing job opportunities more easily. These courses go beyond the traditional offerings, incorporating emerging disciplines such as technology, healthcare, and sustainable development. By equipping themselves with skills and knowledge in these fields, Ghanaian students can position themselves as valuable assets to potential employers and adapt to the evolving needs of the job market.

In the following sections, we will explore some of the best courses to study in Ghana that offer strong job prospects, high market demand, and the potential for career growth. These courses encompass a range of disciplines, from information technology and engineering to healthcare and renewable energy. By choosing to pursue these courses, students can differentiate themselves from the crowd and increase their employability in Ghana’s competitive job market.

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Best courses to study for high job opportunities in Ghana

1. Healthcare and Medical Sciences

Image: Dr. Vanessa Aseye Mensah-Kabu

The healthcare industry is constantly expanding, and professionals in this field are always in high demand. Courses such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biomedical sciences, and public health offer excellent job prospects and the opportunity to make a significant impact on society by improving healthcare outcomes.

2. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

The best way to learn the ins and outs of business is by getting a university degree. A business degree⁠—like Nexford University’s Bachelor in Business Administration⁠⁠⁠—is a well-rounded degree with all the skills you need. It introduces you to the many aspects of running a startup like finance, accounting, administration, and marketing.

Despite the saturation in the business field, specialized areas such as finance, marketing, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship continue to offer promising job opportunities. These courses provide students with a strong foundation in business principles and management skills, preparing them for leadership roles and entrepreneurial endeavors.

3. Information Technology

Technology plays a huge role in today’s modern society. We’ve changed from occasional computer use to being permanently connected to the internet across several devices. A degree in Information technology equips you with the skills and tools you need. Possible careers include business, research and development, cyber security, and big data, which are paid well.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is a growing demand for professionals skilled in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Studying IT or computer science equips students with the skills to excel in these fields and opens up a wide range of job prospects in both local and international markets.

4. Human Resources Management

A degree in Human Resources Management prepares you to meet employee needs. It tackles various related subjects like labor laws and regulations as well as people management. Here they are taught the basics of ethically and effectively managing people in the workforce. A career in HR opens up many avenues for you to pursue in various fields and industries.

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5. Engineering

Though engineering is a broad body of knowledge that touches on many other fields of study, its core tenets define it. No matter which sub-specialty, you will be taught core engineering principles of design and production. It also teaches you the proper techniques to address various engineering hurdles that you may face in the real world. There is no doubt that engineering has become one of the most recognized, respected, and reliable roles, and offers some of the highest salaries in today’s world.

Ghana’s infrastructure development and industrial growth require skilled engineers. Fields such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering provide students with practical knowledge and hands-on experience that are highly valued in the job market.

6. Digital Marketing and Communication

The rise of digital platforms has transformed the marketing and communication landscape. Studying courses related to digital marketing, social media management, and communication equips students with valuable skills to thrive in the digital age and opens doors to careers in advertising agencies, media companies, and digital marketing firms.

7. Graphic Design and Multimedia

As the demand for visually appealing and engaging content increases, professionals with skills in graphic design, multimedia, and digital arts are sought after. Courses in these fields provide students with the creative and technical skills necessary to excel in the media, advertising, and design industries.

8. Education and Teaching

Professor Gyampo, a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana
Image: Professor Gyampo, a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana

Ghana places significant emphasis on education, and there is a continuous need for qualified teachers and educators. Courses in education and teaching provide students with the knowledge and pedagogical skills required to make a difference in the lives of students and contribute to the development of Ghana’s education system.

9. Accountancy

Accountancy is a specific business training in handling accounting records. The degree will teach you various important accounting practices, such as preparing and filing tax documents. A career in accountancy lets you work in various industries, including startups, international companies, logistics, not-for-profits, banking, and the public sector.

10. Renewable Energy and Environmental Studies

As the world focuses on sustainable practices, the demand for professionals in renewable energy, environmental studies, and sustainable development has grown significantly. Studying these courses can lead to rewarding careers in renewable energy companies, environmental consulting firms, or working on sustainable development projects.

11. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Ghana’s tourism industry continues to thrive, offering numerous job opportunities in hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and event management companies. Courses in hospitality and tourism management provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic and customer-oriented field.

12. Agriculture and Agribusiness

Ghana’s economy heavily relies on agriculture, making courses in agriculture and agribusiness highly relevant. Students who study agriculture-related disciplines, such as agronomy, agricultural economics, or agricultural engineering, can explore careers in farming, agricultural research, food processing, or agricultural consultancy.

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Skills needed for high-paying jobs

Having the right skills can make a huge difference in any industry. Here are the skills needed for high-paying jobs.


Working with other people is inevitable. That is why knowing how to work effectively in a team is a great skill to master. This allows you to interact smoothly with your coworkers, and it gets you comfortable in collaboration on a shared goal. It also allows you to be more productive as you share your tasks with others.

Time Management

Having multiple projects running at a given time will get ugly fast, especially if they are not managed well. A small delay in one can lead to a delay in others that cascades to other projects as well. Good time management lets you effectively use your time by maximizing every second. This lets you maintain a good work-life balance which is essential to keep stress away.

Time Management

Having multiple projects running at a given time will get ugly fast, especially if they are not managed well. A small delay in one can lead to a delay in others that cascades to other projects as well. Good time management lets you effectively use your time by maximizing every second. This lets you maintain a good work-life balance which is essential to keep stress away.


Effective communication is one of the most important skills to master. It allows you to be clear in your messaging without fear of misinterpretation. This is also the pillar of collaborative work, as you are expected to be in constant communication with your peers. Good communication allows you to be easily understood by others.


Today’s fast-paced world requires one to be quick to adapt. Situations can change in a second, so being quick on the uptake is an advantage. No problems and circumstances are alike, so being able to adapt to the situation allows you to adjust with ease. Adaptability also means using already acquired tools and skills and reusing them in new and creative ways.


Obstacles arise once in a while, and knowing how to address them is essential. There will always be bumps in the road in any project. This may be external, like supply chain disruptions, manufacturing costs markup, etc., or they could be internal, like being understaffed or efficient planning. Knowing how to keep a cool while also effectively addressing these concerns is an attractive skill for potential employers.

How to get high-paying jobs

Follow these tips to up your chances of landing your dream job.

Build a professional network

Getting connected with other professionals, especially in your chosen field, goes a long way. It helps you land opportunities easily as the channels are more direct. A personal recommendation from someone you know would weigh more. Fostering a good relationship with others also helps you develop your interpersonal skills.

Be good at what you do

One of your goals is to continue to hone your craft and master every aspect of your profession. Being an expert in your field has two primary benefits. Firstly, you become efficient with your work. Secondly, you become more valuable to clients. Being good at your job also allows you leverage to adjust your rates as you see fit.

Get relevant credentials

Getting the proper certifications also adds value to you as a worker. Getting an undergraduate degree is one of the most popular ways that others achieve this. If you already have one, consider getting a graduate degree instead.


These courses represent just a selection of the many fields that offer excellent job prospects in Ghana. However, it’s essential for students to choose a course that aligns with their interests, strengths, and career goals to ensure long-term satisfaction and success in their chosen field.